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The Ardèche is a southern province very popular with many holidaymakers. Gorgeous weather, divine food and the great blend of culture, nature, sports and entertainment are the main attractions. Belvilla offers in Ardèche authentic cottages, typical farmhouses and luxury villas with swimming pool. A wide range of holiday homes in Ardèche to choose from!


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Whereas the Ardèche is colourfully dotted with lavender fields, woods, mountains rivers and streams, with charming small towns and impressive caves and crevices. You can make beautiful canoe trips on the river here and of course visit the caves that are the pride of the region. Your cottage in the Ardèche is the starting point for a sporty holiday!

Amazing nature in the Ardèche

Water and wind have created the rugged and wild landscape of the region over the centuries, and it definitely does not look like what most people expect from the French countryside. The region is very interesting below ground too, with its many stalactite caves. Overground, you could follow the road along the Gorges de lArdèche, and from a high altitude you will have magnificent views on the river down below. At the end of the canyon you will see the Pont dArc, a nature chalkstone 'bridge' over the river which was created by erosion and wind. Explore the beauty of this region from your cottage in the Ardèche.

All cottages in Ardèche