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Calabria is located in Southern Italy and is the toe and the instep of the Italian boot, opposite the island of Sicily. The arrival airport for this region is Lamezia Terme Airport. This Southern part of Italy is quite unknown by foreigners, but it surprises many tourists with its beautiful coast, unspoilt mountainous inland and friendly people. You will discover Calabria from our holiday homes!

Explore unspoilt Calabria from our holiday homes

Before the rise of the Roman the region of Calabria was inhabited by the Greek, and it also belonged to the Byzantine Empire. Those influences are still visible. In a few villages Greek is still the language used and here and there you can visit Greek ruins (e.g. Locri, Reggio di Calabria and Crotone). There are still interesting Byzantine buildings in Stilo and Rossano. Make an excursion in the region from your cottage and get acquainted the nature and culture!

Calabria: a holiday on one of the prettiest Italian coasts

From our Calabrian cottages, near Tropea, you can enjoy the beautiful Calabrian coast. The Tyrrhenian coast near Capo Vaticano is one of the prettiest in Italy! Explore this gorgeous rocky coast from your cottage: white sandy beaches, idyllic secluded bays, breathtaking panoramas, steep cliffs and a clear, azure blue sea! If it is not cloudy, you can even see Sicily and the Stromboli volcano. The picturesque coastal resort Tropea is worth a visit, with its narrow streets and lovely location, and Pizzo is fun to visit too from your cottage.

The Ionic coast is on the east side of the region. This coast is also worth a visit: a lovely coast line, with white sandy beaches and cliffs. Beautiful beach resorts like Monasterace Marina and Crotone, but also interesting historical places, like Reggio Calabria. You can discover this coastal region from our holiday homes near Catanzaro.

Unspoilt nature in the inland of Calabria

Nature lovers have enough to discover from our cottage! Between the two seas you will see a landscape with green hills covered in olive trees and various mountain regions with rocks, valleys, waterfalls and mountain lakes. In Calabria there are several mountain regions (the Serre, the Sila, the Aspromonte and the Pollino range, in the North), with 3 national parks.

In the Parco Nazionale della Sila you will find mountains, rivers, 4 large dam lakes, woods (centuries old pine trees) and green hills. The park is inhabited by wolves, deer, rare birds of prey and typical animals. In winter there are ski and langlauf facilities and in summer you can walk, ride, mountain bike, skate, canoe and go sailing on the lakes here. The Parco Nazionale Aspromonte is ideal for nature lovers too. In short, enough to discover for the more adventurous tourist from our special cottages!

All cottages in Calabria and Basilicata