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The laundry hung out to dry, the opera, the Mafia, football, pizza and family The clichés are indeed true. This is all part of daily life here among the locals in Campania. The region has a very special character, which has earned it the title of real Italy. The cottages here are often typically Italian too. The landscapes are varied and truly unforgettable. There are mountains where bears can still be found original Italian countryside, the steep coast and the volcano Mount Vesuvius. The holiday homes in Campania-Naples make for unforgettable holidays and you will love to come back !

Holiday homes near Pompeii and Herculaneum

One of the many attractions of Campania is Pompeii, the Roman city which in 79 AD was buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The city was well preserved after the eruption, being discovered once again in the 17th century. Some of the many things youll find here are a forum, temples, mural paintings (frescoes) and theatres, all more than enough to keep you occupied the entire day learning how the Romans used to live.

The town of Herculaneum (Ercolano), which previously used to be an exclusive residential neighbourhood, has archaeological sites from Roman times for you to discover. Youll find different buildings here which are even better preserved than those in Pompeii.

See Naples and... return to your cottage

It goes without saying that Naples, the capital of the south, is also worth visiting. It is a chaotic, noisy and exuberant city, one of the most densely populated in Europe. It is a splendid old city, the atmosphere is great, and the archaeological museum is not to be missed. You come back from an hectic day in the city and you can remember all those beautiful things in your cottage in the Campania region.

Cottages Campania-Naples, on the most beautiful coast

The Amalfi coast, located to the south of Naples, has been called the most beautiful of all the Italian coasts. You will have a view of the idyllic islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, and you can visit various picturesque towns in the area.

You can visit the island of Capri from the marine port of Sorrento, arriving in the Marina Grande harbour. It is a small, charming island and a jet-set resort. Many writers and artists stay here, finding the beautiful natural scenery and vegetation a source of inspiration. Capri has a rough coast and hilly inland. The highest mountain on the island is Monte Solaro (589 m). It takes a walk of around ten minutes to go from the city of Capri to the top, where youll get a breathtaking view of the sea and the Faraglioni, the two famous cliffs of Capri.Your cottage in Capri guarantees you a lovely relaxing holiday.

Ischia, the other island, has beautiful flora and is in full bloom in the pre-season. You can go to the highest point here as well, to the volcano Monte Eponei (788 m) for an incredible view. The coast of Ischia is also ideal if you want to go snorkelling.

All cottages in Campania and Naples