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Get to know the region from your cottage in Drenthe. Explore the hidden cultural treasures of Drenthe, where the scenery is characterised by forests, moors, former fen communities, brook valleys and sheep. The holiday homes in Drenthe are centrally located and lead you to no less than 52 hunebeds (Megalithic tombs) and well over a thousand burial mounds. This region is perfectly suitable for walking, cycling, and mountainbiking!

Walking and cycling from cottages in Drenthe

Walking, cycling or mountainbiking are heaven in this region! Drenthe is a true cycling region with an extended network of cycling paths. These cycling paths often are near the cottages, which means that from your cottage in Drenthe you can hit the road straightaway! Walking is excellent here too. There are three national parks where it's good to walk: the Drents-Friese Wold, the Drentsche Aa and the Dwingelderveld. You can also walk on part of the Pieterpad, that runs through the Drenthe. Fun too: the Boomkroonpad, where you walk along the tops of the trees on walking bridges. The cottages in Drenthe are the starting point for a family holiday in nature!

All cottages in Drenthe