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Eastern Bohemia

Experience the natural beauty of Eastern Bohemia from a holiday house

Discover the beautiful environment from your holiday residence in Eastern Bohemia! Here you will find beautiful green hilly landscapes, meadows, forests and mountainous regions. There are many protected landscape areas and (national) nature reserves, where you will still find original forests and rare flora and fauna. The region has a well planned network of hiking and cycling paths to get to know nature. In addition, there are also various horseback riding opportunities. For nature lovers and active tourists there is much to discover from our holiday houses!

Discover beautiful nature reserves from your holiday home

There are too many to name, but we will give you a few examples: in the unique cliff towns of Adrspach and Teplice (Adrspassko-teplické skály) you will see a labyrinth of canyons and ravines and bizarre cliff formations. The sandstone plateau, in the highlands of Broumov, makes up the largest nature reserve in the Czech Republic and is a real attraction. Then there are the cliff walls of Broumov, a long comb with cliff towns of sandstone. And then you have the Protected Landscape Reserve of the Iron Mountains (Zelene hory) and the Protected Landscape Reserve of the Orlice Mountains (Orlicke hory). These areas attract many mountain sports enthusiasts and hikers. Water sports are also possible on the lakes as well as the reservoirs of Rozkos and Pastivny in the Orlice Mountains.

Culture in Eastern Bohemia

Our wonderfully located holiday homes are the ideal starting point for getting to know Eastern Bohemia on a cultural level. Here you can experience times past in the many historic villages, monasteries, castles and monuments. During your visit to the many castles in Eastern Bohemia you will be introduced to styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Jugendstil, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Classicism and Rococo. To many to list them all, but here are a few examples: Nové Mesto nad Metují (Renaissance and baroque interiors), Nové Hrady, Rychov nad Kneznou (art collection), Lytomysl (UNESCO). In Vysocina there is an open air museum where you can visit typical Bohemian (wood) cottages. The historic towns with protected townscapes are certainly worth a visit: Nové Mesto nad Metují, Hradec Králové, Litomysl, Moravska Trebová and Pardubice.

Relaxation for all in and around the holiday home!

Are you looking for relaxation? Then consider a health spa. Eastern Bohemia has three well known health spas, Velichovky, Bohdanec and Anenské slatinné lázne. Or attend one of the traditional events or festivals. Ideal for tasting the local culture! You won't get bored in and around your holiday home!

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