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Booking a cottage in Extremadura? In Extremadura you can still enjoy real and unspoilt Spain There is no autonomous province characterised by so much diversity in nature and culture as Extremadura. With the treasures that many civilisations left behind here, Extremadura is a true paradise for culture enthusiasts. Nature lovers too have much to choose from. The area is full of contrasts. The holiday homes in Extremadura are situated on a plateau that varies in height between 130 and 2400 metres, and the region consists of forests, waterways, mountains, and plains. This area is especially popular with birdwatchers. A cottage in Extremadura will give you a surprising and varied holiday.

Holiday homes in Extremadura, for a discovery trip through many cultures

The Tartessians, Celts, Alans, Arabs and, of course, the Romans have all left their traces. Thats why Extremadura has an important cultural heritage. Most of the Roman buildings can be found in the capital, Mérida. Because Mérida was situated at the crossing of many roads, it became one of the most important Roman towns, which is still reflected in the Roman theatre, the amphitheatre, and the temple of Diana.

All over Extremadura, you can visit many museums and sights of various origins, from various times. These can especially be found in towns such as Cáceres (known for its storks), Trujillo (Cuidad de los Conquiestadores), Plasencia (the pearl of the river Jerte'), Badajoz (the modern town with a long history), and of course the capital of Mérida.

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In addition to a wealth of cultural heritage, Extremadura also has no less than 54 natural areas. The Parque Natural de Monfragüe is the most famous and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The towns of Guadalupe and Alacántara are also really worth a visit. The cottages in Extremadura allow you to experience the part of Spain you don't yet know.

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