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A cottage in Friesland? Friesland offers wide, open scenery with farms, woodlands, moors and sand drifts. And, of course, water, which makes up some 15% of the area of Friesland. An eldorado for water sports enthusiasts. The holiday homes in Friesland are often near or on the water! But, if you haven't found your sea legs yet, there are plenty of opportunities for cycling, walking and horse riding. The cottages are an ideal starting point!

Holiday homes Friesland: starting point for a trip along the Elfstedenroute (eleven cities route)

The Elfstedenroute is most famous for ice skating, but if the weather is not right, it is also possible to make this trip by bike, by car or on foot! You can visit these picturesque harbours and historical towns from your cottage in Friesland, they definitely are worth it. Oant sjen! (Friesian for 'see you')

All cottages in Friesland