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Holiday Homes & Apartments in Sassnitz

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Holiday apartments by the sea in Sassnitz

Explore Sassnitz's best attractions from apartment Sassnitz

Experience the natural beauty of Jasmund National Park or explore the unique chalk cliffs of Königsstuhl. Take a sunset cruise along the Baltic Sea or discover the charming Old Town of Stralsund - all just a short drive from your Vacation Sassnitz, Ferienhaus Sassnitz, or Holiday homes Sassnitz.

Experience Sassnitz's natural wonders & outdoor thrills

Vacation Sassnitz offers breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and lush green forests. Explore the beauty of this town with these natural attractions:

- Jasmund National Park
- Kreidefelsen Cliffs
- Schmachter See Lake
- Sassnitz Fisheries and Marine Museum.

Experience the adventure of Holiday homes Sassnitz with these outdoor activities:

- Scuba diving in the Baltic Sea
- Hiking in Stubbenkammer Forest
- Cycling along the coast
- Fishing in Sassnitz harbor

Book Apartment Sassnitz today!

Apartment Sassnitz: Your perfect holiday retreat

Belvilla offers you a selection of Holiday homes in Sassnitz, including these popular options:

- By the Sea
- Pet Friendly
- Apartments
- On the Park
- Swimming Pool

With filters that help everyone find their perfect option, like the number of guests or whether pets are allowed. You can choose a property by location, such as lakeside or by the sea, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of property, and its amenities. There are even fun options for kids! Book now with Belvilla for your Vacation Sassnitz.

Seasons to savor Sassnitz's splendor

Escape to Sassnitz for a holiday like no other. Visit in May, June, or September to make the most of the warm weather.

Warmest: July

Coldest: January

Rainiest: November

Experience Sassnitz's cultural treasures

Looking for cultural tourism in Sassnitz? Explore the town's rich history through a variety of must-see attractions. Don't miss:

- Jasmund National Park
- Sassnitz Fishing and Harbor Museum
- St. Johannes Church
- Königsstuhl National Park Center
- Prora Museum

Book your Vacation Sassnitz now with Belvilla's top-notch Holiday homes and Apartment Sassnitz rentals.

Discover the best spots in Sassnitz

Looking to explore the stunning surroundings of Sassnitz? Here are some must-visit tourist spots, all within a short drive!

- Jasmund National Park (3km)

- Königsstuhl National Park Centre (3.9km)

- Spyker Castle (7.5km)

- Cape Arkona (42km)

You can also visit nearby towns like:

- Lohme

- Glowe

- Binz

for more adventure.


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Answers to common questions about Apartment Sassnitz

When is the best time to visit Sassnitz?

The best time to visit Sassnitz is from May to August, when the temperature is mild and perfect for outdoor activities.

What are the best ways to get around Sassnitz?

The best ways to get around Sassnitz are by car or bicycle, which can be rented through Belvilla, or by foot to explore the town's charm.

What types of accommodation does Belvilla offer in Sassnitz?

Belvilla offers a wide range of accommodation options, including apartments, holiday homes, pet-friendly options, and those near or on the park or sea in Sassnitz.

What activities can one enjoy in the region?

The region offers a variety of activities, such as hiking in Jasmund National Park, visiting the chalk cliffs at Königsstuhl, and exploring the harbour town of Sassnitz.

What is the local cuisine like in Sassnitz?

The local cuisine in Sassnitz features freshly caught seafood dishes like smoked herring and fish soup as well as regional specialties like Rügen potatoes and locally brewed beer.


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