Hungary is a country with lots of unspoilt nature, traditions and hospitable people. In combination with its very pleasant climate and a favourable price level, life in Hungary comes highly recommended. Choose a cottage on the shores of the Balaton lake if you like aquatic holidays, but if you like to spend your holiday amidst the greenery, you will also find the holiday home you want in Hungary !

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Holiday homes in the city

Its brimming heart is the charming capital of Budapest. This 'Pearl of the Danube' is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a good destination for a city break or an excursion. You will find Belvilla holiday homes in Budapest too.

Lots to do from your cottage !

Would you like to explore some culture and nature? Be active of prefer to relax? It's all possible in Hungary! Here you will find pusztas, hill and mountain ranges, 4 national parks and no less than 11,000 km of signposted walking routes. And after a long walk, relaxing in your cottage is divine ! Culture dating back 1100 years has left monuments behind from the Roman and Ottoman Empires (such as the Turkish bath houses).

Thermal baths and spas

Hungary is a true health resort destination offering a huge amount of healing warm-water springs. No less than 300 thermal baths can be found scattered around the country. The warm-water lake of Héviz is very special. This sulphurous lake is covered in water lilies and has healing qualities, and its warm water (32° C) and steam make it very suitable for swimming, even in winter!

Cottages on the waterfront

Lake Balaton, Central Europe's largest lake, is a wonderful place to relax or to do water sports. Siófok is the best-known town of the various popular places around the lake. Less touristy lakes are Lake Tisza (East of Budapest) and Lake Velence (between Budapest and Lake Balaton). Many cottages are situated in the direct proximity of the lakes. The famous pusztas of the East are home to much culture and history, and there are many beautiful palaces and castles.

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