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Rome, a city with a history dating back more than 3000 years, is also called la città eterna (the eternal city). No other city in the world has a wealth of treasures like Rome. Walking across the city, through Medieval lanes and across stylish squares, you will see monuments everywhere. It is like one big open air museum, in which arts and archaeological treasures from various periods can be admired. You will discover the real city life from your own cottage in the city. Choose from apartments and cottages in central locations and enjoy the privacy these cottages offer you!

Holiday homes Lazio-Rome, discover historical places

What makes Rome so extraordinary, is that the historical places and unique spots are all within walking distance. Be amazed at how much there is to see within a square kilometre! If your exploration starts at Centro Storico (the historical heart of Rome), you immediately come across sights such as the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona. Please note that many museums are closed on Mondays! To avoid disappointment, its wise to check opening times beforehand.

Remember that many museums are closed on Monday ! Find out opening times in advance to avoid disappointment.

Think of Rome, and you automatically think of the Vatican, a separate state within Rome. Dont forget to visit this site! The world famous Vatican - covering an area of just 44 hectares is home to the St. Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and of course the Pope.

It is impossible to see all this in one weekend, so dont forget to just taste the city. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, sit down and enjoy the Italian cuisine or a wonderful cappuccino in one of Romes wonderful outdoor cafes. While you rest, you can enjoy the street scenery, watching the fashionable Romans meeting up on the square.

If you enjoy soaking up some culture, visit Lazio. This region has lots of cultural history to offer, with Rome being the highlight. From the cottages in Lazio a visit to the capital is a perfect excursion. You will also find Etruscan remains in the north, such as the towns of Viterbo, Tarquinia, and Necropoli.

Holiday homes Lazio-Rome, for a stay in or on the outskirts of the city

Around Rome you will find stunning country houses built by wealthy Romans, some of which you can still visit today. Tivoli is known for its Roman villas visit the fabulous (fountain) gardens of Villa dEste and the wide estate of Villa Adriana, the country house of Emperor Hadrian. Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Lazio is wedged between the coast and the Apennine Mountains, among green vineyard-covered slopes and historic towns and villages. A comparison with Tuscany is often made, but this region is relatively unknown and less crowded.

In addition, Lazio is a volcanic region with four old volcanoes and the volcanic lakes of Bracciano, Bolsena, and Albano, offering opportunities for the water sports enthusiasts. It also has 10 fabulous golf courses for even more leisure activities. Choose a cottage in Lazio-Rome near a golf course that allows you to walk straight on the green from your garden.

Here, you can combine a visit to Rome with a relaxing holiday on the coast, because the west coast has many miles of sandy beaches and rocky coastline. Especially around Rome, the coast may not be the most attractive, however. In the places nearest to Rome (like Ostia), it usually is busy and full. The finest beaches are near the national park of Circeo such as those of Sperlonga. You should visit these from your cottage in Lazio.

Thanks to the combination of its mild climate, lakes, many (sports) activities, beautiful scenery, and rich culture, this region is a very attractive holiday destination.

All cottages in Lazio and Rome