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Just across the border along the Rhine and the Moselle, you will find this romantic region, with its rolling hills, Moselle vineyards, charming towns and fairytale castles. Its appeal is the extraordinary scenery, the woody hills and the volcanic lakes of the Eifel, combined with interesting sights and towns. From your cottage in the Eifel you can discover this region - and you definitely will be back !

Visit Trier from your cottage in the Eifel

One of the best known towns is Trier, Germany's oldest city, where the Roman legacy is still clearly visible. Other Roman cities are Speyer, Mainz and Koblenz. When you arrive, the impressive 'Porta Nigra', the city gate built by the Romans in the 3rd century, will welcome you.

Holiday homes in Hunsrück

To the south of the Moselle is a range of hills called "Hunsrück". The cottages are located in this magnificent area, characterised by rolling countryside and pastures, alternating with woods, and criss-crossed by valleys of brooks and small rivers.

Most cities and villages are never far away. Here, you will find places with old churches, pretty timbered houses and beautiful roofs with slate tiles.

Walking trips from the holiday homes

If you are looking for an active holiday, this is also an excellent region. You can enjoy a long walk and/or bicycle ride through the woody hills and through pleasant country villages. Cycling and walking are very popular activities, and in winter you can also go cross-country skiing here!

This woody area is particularly popular in early and late season. This is because in those periods the countryside shows magnificent colours. But you can also have a great time enjoying and relaxing here during high season. And last but not least, you really should try a lovely glass of Moselle wine during your visit...

All cottages in Mosel