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Holiday Homes & Apartments in Enschede

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Rent a cozy house in Enschede

Explore Enschede's gems from your rental house

Explore unexpected adventures around Enschede: admire the beautiful Rijksmuseum Twenthe, wander around the beautiful gardens of De Museumfabriek, or visit the historic Oude Markt square. Enjoy your stay in one of our comforting holiday homes!

Exploring Enschede's outdoor wonders.

Explore Enschede's picturesque landscapes and stunning scenery with these outdoor activities and natural spots:

- Hoge Boekel
- Volkspark
- Ledeboerpark
- Het Rutbeek

Experience the beauty of Enschede with these outdoor activities:

- Cycling in the countryside
- Hiking in the forest
- Swimming at Het Rutbeek
- Boating on Twente Canal

Discover the perfect vacation rental in Enschede with Belvilla.

Rent a house in Enschede: Your perfect getaway.

Belvilla offers you a selection of comfortable holiday homes for rent in Enschede. Choose from our popular options:

- Pet Friendly

- On the Park

- Swimming Pool

- Villas

- Apartments

Our smart filters help you find your perfect home based on your preferences, such as the number of guests, distance from the city centre, amenities like swimming pools or saunas, and the type of property. You can also filter by location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, accessibility for people with limited mobility, and kids' activities. Come enjoy your Holiday Enschede with Belvilla!

Enschede's top seasonal highlights

Visit Enschede from May to September for warm, sunny days. June and July are ideal for outdoor activities. Expect mild temperatures in April and October.

- Warmest months: June and July
- Coldest month: January
- Most rainy month: August

Explore Cultural Gems Near Enschede!

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Enschede during your holiday. Rent a house in Enschede and explore the city's architectural marvels, museums, art galleries, and culinary delights. Don't miss out on:

- Old Market Square

- Rijksmuseum Twenthe

- De Museumfabriek.

Discover Enschede's top attractions

Explore the stunning tourist spots near Enschede for a perfect holiday. Here are the top picks:

- Lonneker Molen (5 km)

- Arboretum Poortbulten (8 km)

- Kristalbad (6 km)

- Hulsbeek (10 km)

While in the area, don't miss out on visiting the nearby towns and cities:

- Overdinkel

- Losser

- Deurningen


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Rent a house in Enschede: frequently asked questions

When is the best time to rent a holiday home in Enschede?

Spring and summer are the ideal times to enjoy the city's outdoor activities.

What are the best ways to explore Enschede?

Travel around by bike or on foot to experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

What types of vacation homes are available for rent in Enschede with Belvilla?

Belvilla offers a wide range of holiday homes, villas, apartments, pet-friendly options and more.

What activities can I enjoy during my stay in Enschede?

Take a trip to the Rijksmuseum Twenthe or explore the beautiful countryside with a walk or bike ride.

What local cuisine can I experience while renting a house in Enschede?

Discover traditional Dutch dishes like bitterballen and stroopwafels, as well as international cuisine at local restaurants.


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