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North Rhine-Westphalia

This German federal state, with Düsseldorf as its capital, is the most densely populated and most important economic region of Germany. The industrial Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area) is here, but there is more than just industry and industrial legacies to be found here: youll also find art, culture, history, beautiful natural scenery and sights and famous cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Essen, Dortmund and Münster. Belvilla offers you authentic and typical cottages in this varied region!

Regions North Rhine - Westphalia

This federal state can be divided into different regions, including Münsterland and Teutoburger Wald (in the north), the Ruhr area (in the middle), the Niederrhein (the Lower Rhine, in the west), the Bergisches Land (in the south) and the Cologne and Bonn regions. Each of these has its own, distinctive appeal.

Cottages in the cycling paradise Münsterland

The flat region of Münsterland, in the north of the state, is a cyclists paradise, with an extensive network of signposted cycling routes. The Roman Route, a cycling path of more than 280 kilometres, also runs through here. The region is also well known for its many country estates and castles.

This region is also home to the modern, lively city of Münster. Interesting here are, among many other things, the old city centre, with the Prinzipalmarkt (with the historical merchant houses), the St. Paul's Cathedral, the Salzstrasse and the Baroque Erbdrostenhof Palace. Youll also find fascinating museums here (more than 35, including the Museum für Lackkunst), exhibitions, festivals, modern architecture and an All-Weather Zoo.

The Teutoburger Wald

The Teutoburger Wald is a beloved hiking and bicycling area. Dense, dark forests, heathland areas, river landscapes and hills alternate here. Your cottage in this region is situated in magnificent surroundings.

The Ruhr area

In the Ruhr area youll still be able to find a number of industrial monuments from the regions coal mining past, such as the Margaretenhöhe and the Zollverein coalmine, which is included in Unescos World Heritage Site list.

Holiday homes in the Lower Rhine region, on the border of other countries

The open landscape of the Lower Rhine region is characterised by narrow rivers, lakes, picturesque towns and mills. The area has an extensive network of cycling paths (which also run across the Dutch border), and there is a number of themed routes as well. You can for example walk in the footsteps of the Romans, along the Via Romana and the Roman Route. This begins in Xanten, the city of the Romans. You can also make canoe trips on the Niers or the Lippe, or a boat trip on the Rhine.

Düsseldorf, the lovely and pleasant modern city on the Rhine, is also worth visiting. Diehard shoppers will find all they need in the chic Königsalle, the Schadowstrasse or the historical centre. The Altstadt is also a nice centre for going out: with its 260 pubs, this part is also known as the largest bar in the world. You will find more than enough art and culture here in the various museums, galleries and theatres of the city, and you will see a great variety of architectural styles. You can relax on the Rheinuferpromenade, and take a nice stroll along the Rhine. From the holiday homes in North Rhine - Westphalia all these routes are on your doorstep.

The Bergisches Land, cottages in gorgeous locations

The Bergisches Land is a wooded region, with meadows, hills, valley and lakes. There is also a nature reserve of the same name here. Some of the sights here are half-timbered houses, old villages, castles and country estates, as well as the Schwebebahn (monorail) in Wuppertal. Hikers will have 5000 kilometres of trails at their disposal.

Cologne and Bonn

Cologne is an old city with countless cultural treasures. Of course there is the famous Dom, the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany and a monument on Unescos World Heritage Site list. There are also Roman ruins in the old city centre, including 12 Roman Catholic churches and a city wall. Not to forget the many famous museums (such as the Wallraf Richartz Museum, the Ludwig Museum and the Roman-Germanic Museum). Enjoy sitting on a terrace or in a restaurant in the Altstadt or the Rheingarten.

The lively university city of Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven. The following are all worth seeing: the home where Beethoven was born, the Münster cathedral and the Poppelsdorf Palace. You can of course enjoy the many restaurants, biergartens and wine bars on the rivers shores. Relax in the green Rheinaue Park, the green heart of Bonn. There is a Japanese garden here, too, and 45 kilometres of walking paths and the Auensee (lake), where you can rent a boat. And after a busy day in the city you can return to your cottage in a rural green setting.

All cottages in North Rhine-Westphalia