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Northwest Jutland

Northwest Jutland, cottages on the Danish Riviera. Do you love wide, white clean beaches, water sport, cosy fishing and swimming resorts? Do you love music? Then a cottage in Northwest Jutland is just the place for you!

Holiday homes in North-West Jutland for a beautiful walk on the beach

Begin the day with a nice walk on the beach and the dunes, or walk across the famous North Sea Path. Watch the surfers, who glide through the high waves at high wind speed . . . Hit a ball or two on any one of the many golf courses, stop at a farm or watch how the local artists work in their workshops and galleries. Visit from your cottage in Northwest Jutland one of the many music festivals which are organised in summer (such as the Rock Show in Aalborg and the song festival in Skagen), and stop by for a beautiful sunset on the North Sea beach. In short, Northwest Jutland will not let you down!

Cottages Jutland, enough to do on a culture level too

Of course, theres plenty of culture and history in this region. There is 600-year-old Skagen, idyllic yellow houses in a very picturesque fishermans harbour and marina. Aalborg and its old centre offer many galleries and shopping opportunities. There are many restaurants and bars in the longest street in Denmark for shopping and dining, the Jomfru Ane Gade. There are even more good times and a special atmosphere in towns such as Blokhus, Løkken and Lønstrup. These resorts with a special character have an almost south European feel to them, thanks to their many cafés, restaurants and shops where you can find everything. In the evenings you can enjoy an exciting nightlife in the discos and bars.

Holiday homes in Northwest Jutland, for quiet holidays on the waterfront

Or maybe you prefer a bit of peace and quiet? Then visit from your cottage in Northwest Jutland fishing towns such as Thorup, Vorupør or Klitmøller, which are all on the southern part of the Jammerbugt. Old fishing boats are still brought onto land after fishing at sea, according to tradition.

Bird lovers will enjoy a visit to the Vejlerne nature preserve in the Limfjord, and Bulbjerg, the only breeding ground in Denmark.

Tip: In Grenen, the most northern point in Denmark, you can stand in two different seas at the same time!

All cottages in Northwest Jutland