All cottages in Puszta


This eastern area of Hungary is also often called the Great Lowland Plain, which is once again divided into the Northern and Southern Lowland Plains and Lake Tisza. Our holiday homes in the Puszta are located in scenery characterised by endless grassland steppes (pusztas, or Hungarian steppes), but it also has woods, mountains, rivers and marshlands, with a country village here and there.

If you want to keep active during your holiday, you can go horseback riding, bicycling or hiking, or do water sport on the rivers or Lake Tisza from your cottage in the Puszta. In addition, there are the thermal baths with their therapeutic waters.

Cottages in the Puszta, a natural area with fabulous flora and fauna

In the Northern Lowland Plain is the Hortobágy National Park, the largest national park in Hungary. The park is on the Unesco World Heritage Sites list and mainly consists of pusztas, but there is also marshland and forest. Here youll find amazing wildlife such as the cattle, sheep and buffalo typical of the area. The Hajdúszoboszló spa is a true Mecca for those with rheumatism, and there is also the spa and park bath of Sóstó in Nyíregyháza.

Holiday homes in the Puszta, visit a National Park

The Kiskunság National Park is in the Southern Lowland Plain, where wild horses traverse the pusztas. The Bugac Puszta in this park has even been designated a protected nature area by Unesco. The town of Gyula also lies on the Southern Lowland Plain, and it has one of the most beautiful thermal baths of Hungary.

Holiday on the Tisza-Lake

Lake Tisza, with its coves and beaches, offers all kinds of water fun for the holiday maker. From your cottage in the Puszta, you can go sailing, water skiing, surfing, swimming and sport fishing. Popular holiday resorts on the lake are Tiszafüred and Abádszalók. In addition, the Tiszavalki Basin is on the eastern shore. This is a unique bird preserve which is also on the Unesco World Heritage Sites list.

All cottages in Puszta