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Teutoburg Forest

In the extreme north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, between Minden in the north and Sauerland in the south, the Munsterland in the west and Weser in the east, you will find a gorgeous and varied region for a great holiday for young and old. The Teutoburger forest is a long, narrow and woody hill crest. The altitude of the hills varies between 100 m in the west to almost 500 m in the east.

You will find a unique charm and atmosphere in the Teutoburger forest.

The Teutoburger forest exudes charm with its great variation in landscapes and always its own characteristics. As a holiday destination, this region has a lot of attractions on offer, like monasteries, mills, picturesque villages and other authentic buildings from past times. The traces of many centuries can still be seen here in the churches, abbeys and museums. The villages Warburg, Minden and Lemgo have picturesque old centres, which invite you to explore their history.

Walking and cycling, straight from one of our holiday homes

The Teutoburger forest is a popular walking- and cycling area. Dense, dark forests, heaths, river landscapes and hilly regions alternate here. You will make the prettiest walking- and cycling trips directly from your cottage in the Teutoburger forest and enjoy the varied surroundings. But relaxing is not a problem here either. Everywhere the earth has broken, springs are bubbling up to the surface That is why the region is a base for many highly qualified spa resorts and thermal baths. The region thanks its name of "health garden of Germany" to this.

Enjoy your holiday in this fabulous region

The region is famous for its hospitality - enjoy it and discover all the fun aspects of the region. Nature, culture, history and tranquillity; in a holiday home in the Teutoburger forest you are definitely in the right place for a great holiday!

All cottages in the Teutoburg Forest