All cottages in Western Hungary

West Hungary

Western Hungary includes the regions West, Central, and South Transdanubia. The holiday homes in Western Hungary are centrally located and invite you to discover the region.

Cottages West-Transdanubia

West Transdanubia is a hilly area with vineyards, forests, historical villages and many monuments, such as the Abbey of Pannonhalma or the Baroque Palace in Fertöd.

Holiday homes Central Transdanubia

North of Lake Balaton in Central Transdanubia you will find the 'royal cities', areas of natural beauty and the shallow Lake Velence (26 km²). You will find a nature reserve in the Bakony mountains with beautiful forests, river valleys and no less than 1100 caves. The Devil's Ditch can be found here; via iron stairs you can climb the gigantic rocks of the Devil's Dam. Make an excursion from your cottage in Transdanubia to the Vértes mountain range. This mountain range is home to a nature reserve where rare plants can be found.

Cottages Southern Transdanubia

Southern Transdanubia, south of Lake Balaton, Mediterranean in climate, but also due to the scenery full of fig trees, almond trees, vineyards and rolling hills. From your cottage in Transdanubia you will discover an area full of natural treasures, historical monuments, and a pleasant climate. Here you will find one of the best-preserved cities, the city of Pécs and the wildlife and bird reservation of the National Park Danube-Dráva, and the beautiful nature reserve of the Mecsek mountains, an ideal area for walking.

All cottages in Western Hungary