Pleasant Apartment in Pimonte with Veranda
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  • All bookings with an arrival date in 2020, made until 15 April 2020, can be rebooked by the guest
  • Re-booking can be requested by the guest until 30 June 2020 at the latest
  • The stay to which the change of reservation relates must have an arrival date in 2020
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Ground floor
Large kitchen
Hob, Coffee machine, Oven, Fridge, Washing machine
TV, Dining table
Double bed, Air conditioning
Double bed, Bunk bed
Bathtub with shower, Washbasin, Toilet, Bidet, Hairdryer
Wood cooker
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Parking (Parcheggio Gratuito)
50 m
Town Center
100 m
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Train Station (Circumvesuviana Stabiae)
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Seabeach (Marina di Vico)
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Seabeach (Conca dei Marini)
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Seabeach (Vietri sul Mare)
40 km
Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli)
40 km
Other (Nerano)
40 km
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