Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen

Group ID: NL-2204-005
Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen
Holiday Park, Noordwijk, Netherlands
65 vacation rentals
Show properties on this holiday park
Show properties on this holiday park
  • Children pool
  • Open air pool
For children
  • Play area
Going out
  • Restaurant
Outdoor active
  • Balls court
  • Bike rental
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Sporting field(s)
Park facilities
  • Bread delivery service
  • Internet access
  • Reception
  • Washing facilities
  • The park has the international Green Key mark of quality. This means that it has exceeded legal regulations and extra measures have been taken to assure the sustainability and environment of the area. This includes the limitation of water consumption and separating waste.
  • Bread roll service and recreation team in the high season.
  • The accommodation at this holiday park is intended for recreational use. Therefore, it is prohibited to stay at the holiday park for any purpose other than recreation. If it transpires that the purpose of your stay is any other than recreational, you'll be denied access to the park.
  • If the holiday home has air conditioning, you can use it for € 10.00 per day.
  • The swimming pool is open from the 1st of May.

Properties on this Holiday Park