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How does it work?

1 Register your home

No registration costs

We don't ask homeowners to pay any fixed costs. You only pay us once your holiday home has been rented out.

Receive the full rental amount before your guests even arrive

No need to worry about payments ever again; we take care of this for you. You'll be pleased to know that the full rental price is transferred to your bank account well before your guests arrive.

Free house-presentation

It's essential to present your house looking at its very best. This is why we put together a photo gallery for you and a detailed house description in a minimum of four languages.

Rental expert

Don't hesitate to contact your rental expert if you have any questions or need advice. He/she is very familiar with your region and will help you rent your holiday home out to holidaymakers.

2 Your house online

Reach millions of holidaymakers

Your house will be posted on the Belvilla websites. We also work with 1,000 partner websites, including, HomeAway and Thomas Cook.

All of your bookings on just one calendar

Your holiday home availability will be recorded on just one calendar. You'll find everything you need in just one overview and never have to worry about double bookings again.

Compensation up to 100% for cancellations

If a booking is cancelled and you can't rent your holiday home out to anyone else in the same period, you will receive compensation.

10% discount on all Belvillas

Are you ready for a holiday yourself? As a house owner, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all Belvilla holiday homes.

3 Your guests' stay

Welcome your guests

Give your guests a warm welcome yourself or arrange for a host to meet them at your house. You will receive information about your guests and their arrival time well in advance.

Covered for damage

For every booking we have arranged insurance so your property is automatically insured against any accidental damage up to an amount of €2.500,-.

SOS-line available 24 hours a day

Our employees are available by phone 24 hours a day to help you with any emergencies that might happen during your guests' stay.

What your guests think

Guests give us their feedback on your house and their stay. You can use these tips to make your house even more attractive for future guests!

Homeowners on Belvilla

We started to rent out our property via Belvilla in 2014. We got off to a really good start: welcoming a large number of guests and winning a Rising Star Award too. And that's not all; a year later, we were voted the Best Belvilla in Italy. Fantastic!
Mr Billocci Member since april 2014 Villa Casetta
We would recommend anyone with a holiday home to rent it out via Belvilla. Besides welcoming guests from every corner of the Netherlands, we often have guests from Germany and France too. It's great fun!
Mrs Petter-Meijer Member since november 2013 Holiday home De Merel
Belvilla's cooperation and commitment make me feel supported in my activities. It really helps me be a friendly host.
Mr de Vaan Member since February 2015 Holiday home La Salutation