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35,000+ homeowners trust Belvilla with their homes
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Be it home, cottage, apartment, villa or vacation home that you may want to let, we understand your needs and offer a wide range of services. Do you have a home you’d like to rent out? Tell us all about it!

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Mr de Vaan - the Netherlands

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Our 2000+ Technology team from across the world are constantly working on new cutting edge innovations across Booking & customer experience, Revenue Management, Artificial Intelligence, IoT/SMART Homes & multiple other areas.

Frequently asked questions

When do I receive my rental income?

You will receive the full rental amount approximately two weeks prior to guest arrival. The rental amount will therefore be in your bank account before your guests arrive. In the case of last-minute bookings, Belvilla transfers the rental amount as quickly as possible.

How can I monitor my bookings once I start renting out my holiday home?

Belvilla creates a personal online environment for you called ‘My Belvilla’. This environment includes a dashboard with all your bookings, an overview of your income and many other smart features, such as adding discounts yourself.

Are caretakers permitted?

Yes. You may have your holiday home and your guests taken care of by a caretaker. In most cases, Belvilla can also help you find a reliable caretaker to rent out your holiday rental property. The caretaker can help you with key handling, all contact with the guests in situ and with the (final) cleaning.

What arrangements do I need in place before I can start renting out?

It is good to know upfront what expectations guests generally have for a holiday home. This includes facilities and layout. As a rule, a holiday rental property needs to set a limit of 2 persons per bedroom and have at least one bathroom per 4 guests. Belvilla will be happy to advise you on the best layout for your holiday home, so that you can maximise your rentability.

What happens if a guest causes damage?

For each booking, guests are required to take out a damage insurance policy. As such, your holiday home is automatically insured against any accidental damage up to €10,000 with each booking.

Which websites will my holiday rental property be visible on?

Your holiday home will be listed on over 2,000 websites, including Booking.com, Airbnb and HomeAway. That way, your home will reach millions of holidaymakers in one go. What's more, you can easily manage all of these bookings within a single calendar. This calendar can be found in your personal account 'My Belvilla' on our homeowner's website.

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