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Providing Entertainment For Your Guests

Mirjam Manger
Jan 29, 2020

Your guests probably already like your style and taste because they’ve chosen your home. But you want them to have a great experience. And happy memories make for happy reviews and happy reviews lead to repeat bookings.
Here are a few ideas

“What is there to do if the weather isn’t good?”

The only thing we cannot control has a big impact on the happiness of your guests, it’s one of the main concerns for guests. You can’t guarantee the sunshine but you can guarantee some indoor fun.

A few games are fun to discover in a holiday home, on a rainy day and can really bring families together which makes everyone happy. For older kids and adults, Netflix and movies can be a lovely way to gather everyone when the games are over and it takes the pressure of the sun to shine.

5 Easy Ideas For Your Holiday Home

  • Board games and magazines
    Extra tip if you want to impress even more: take your guests languages into account
  • Simple wooden games are always a winner
    Jenga, kapla, marble tracks and shuffleboard will apply to all languages and ages
  • High-tech is hip too
    PS4 / Xbox + games
  • Old school puzzles
    Don’t we all love to regress a little when we’re with our families?
  • Scissors, glue & cardboard
    Little creative people will be eternally grateful, as will the grown ups!

Maybe you already thought of this yourself. If so, you are definitely on the right track. It is also a good idea to provide umbrellas for your guest so they can explore the nature around your holiday home and give your guest a memorable experience in 'Your perfect Belvilla'.

Enjoying helping your guests make happy memories!

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