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4,000+ homes joined us last year
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How do I register with Belvilla?

Registering a holiday home with Belvilla is very simple and free of charge. You create a personal account via our website www.belvilla.com/homeowners and register your accommodation.

We check whether all the necessary information has been provided by you. One of our rental experts will then contact you. He or she has a great deal of knowledge of the region in which your holiday home is located.

Together with you, we will check whether your and our wishes match. If this is the case, we will enter into a partnership and sign a contract.

We will then - free of charge - provide you with an accurate and comprehensive house description with attractive professional photos. Your holiday home will then be published as soon as possible on our own website and at the same time on up to 2,000 partner websites. Now your holiday home can be viewed and booked by millions of holidaymakers all over the world and we ensure optimum returns.

How do I put my accommodation up for rent?

After we approve your registration (How to join), you’ll receive instructions on how to offer your vacation home up for rent on our website. Once you do this, we will promote your vacation home on up to 2000 booking sites, such as Booking.com, HomeAway and Airbnb, where millions of potential guests get to see it. After a successful registration, you’ll get access to your personal accommodation-dashboard called ‘My Belvilla’. On this central hub you find all the information you need: calendars, prices, your personal online environment, rental administration, rental performance, guest experiences and more.

How can I upload photos of my vacation home?

During the registration process, we ask you to upload photos of your accommodation. This is an important step, because these photos give potential guests a first impression of your vacation home. These don’t have to be professional photos; pictures taken with your smartphone will do. You’d want to upload pictures that give guests a good idea of your accommodation, so it is recommended to add photos that show both the interior and exterior.

How do I update my property details?

Via your own personal dashboard called ‘My Belvilla’, you can update the details of your property simply and swiftly. My Belvilla is your central hub with all the information you need: calendars, prices, your personal online environment, rental administration, rental performance, guest experiences and more. Through this dashboard you can update this information, add photos and report damages.

When will I receive my payment?

You’ll receive the full rental amount (pricing) within two weeks prior to guest arrival. This means the full rental amount will be in your bank account before the guests walk through the door. In case of a last-minute booking, Belvilla will transfer the rental amount as quickly as possible. This way, you can always be sure of on-time payment. And if the booking gets cancelled you will be reimbursed up to 100%.

How much letting fee do I have to pay?

Already during the contract negotiations, we agree on the margin letting fee that Belvilla asks for per booking. With this margin letting fee, we take care of all the services, services and promotion of your holiday home. This letting fee margin is included in the price that tenants see on the websites. The amount is paid by the guest. You do not receive any invoices or write-offs afterwards and therefore no hassle or unexpected amounts. It's all very clear.

Do I have to confirm every booking?

It is not necessary to confirm every reservation manually. When a guest books your accommodation, the reservation gets confirmed immediately and automatically. This way you don't have to check the requests from every potential guest.

What happens when a guest doesn’t show up?

Of course it is very annoying that you have prepared the house completely, but with us you never have to worry about the rent. After all, we always proceed to pay the rent before the guest stays in your holiday home. One of the advantages of renting out through Belvilla!

What can I do when a guest damages my home?

It is important to us that you feel safe renting out your vacation home. For this reason, guests are required to takeBelvilla has taken out a damage insurance policy for each booking. This means your property is automatically insured up to €15,000 in the event a guest damages your cottage. You can report damages via your personal My Belvilla dashboard or you can contact us personally.

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