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Trust is key when you’re renting out your home. You have to feel completely comfortable with the company in charge of your guests and payments. By using a secure payment system that protects you from fraudulent activities and by showing real reviews from guests, we give homeowners and renters a confident feeling when renting out a house.

House Rules

Having clear house rules on your listing is one of the most important things. With these rules, you can make it clear to your (potential) guests what you expect from them. The house rules are a set of guidelines you ask renters to follow before they commit to booking your holiday home.

With these, you can make clear what guests have to do before they arrive at your place, what they can and cannot do during their stay and how you expect them to leave the place behind. When one of these rules is broken, guests may have to pay a fine or have to cover the damages. If they violate a very strict rule, they run the risk of being evicted.

Guest Requirements

In order to offer your guests a comfortable stay, and get good reviews, it’s important to meet your guest's requirements. For many guests, safety is the number one requirement. Your home will be their home for a few days or weeks.
icon shield Safety Locks
Make sure all the doors have proper locks and windows cannot be opened from the outside.
icon shield Keep It Clean
Besides that, cleanliness is also very important. Be sure to clean all surfaces and floors before your guests arrive and make sure there’s fresh linen on the bed.

Traveller Reviews

Belvilla works with Trustpilot’s reviewing system. All reviews collected by Trustpilot are verified. These are reviews written by real people who have actually stayed at the vacation homes.

Safety Equipment

It’s wise to equip your home with safety essentials such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit and a guide with safety information for the guests. It’s also important to inform guests about hazardous obstacles in case of an emergency.

Contact Us: Regular/Business Issues

When a guest has behaved inappropriately, broken the rules or has damaged something and refuses to pay, don’t hesitate to contact us. In case of a conflict, just email us or give us a call. We are happy to help. The same goes for payments that haven’t gone through or guests that haven’t arrived. You can contact us during business hours with any questions you may have.

Contact Us: Emergency Issues

In the case of a natural disaster, such as a storm, an earthquake or a flood, contact our support team. They can help you manage your listing and calendar. They can also help you with rebooking a place for guests that were staying at your place, during the natural disaster. In case of any other emergency, always contact us.

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