Cycling in the UK is more popular than ever. According to government statistics, in 2020, the average number of cycling trips completed by adults rose from the previous year by 26%. There is every reason to believe the trend will continue to increase.

The website published statistics stating that UK cyclists covered 5.03 billion miles that same year. That’s nearly as far as a round trip from the Sun to Neptune. So, why not dust down your bike and get the pedals turning? You can also find some beautiful Belvilla holiday home rentals from which to start your side and return to rest and recover.

Here are a few great cycling routes you could try.

Coast to Coast Road Trip from the Scottish Coast to the English Coast

Touring the coast by bike
Touring the coast by bike

Inspired by the Dunwich Dynamo, this special bike ride is not for the faint of heart. It’s a 101-mile overnighter that starts on the coastline of Carlisle in England and ends up on a small beach in Crammond near Edinburgh, Scotland. If you want to start your preparations for the summer solstice celebrations, this is a great way to go.

You’ll traverse the land from England to Scotland, South to North, and coast to coast. If you start in the late afternoon or early evening, depending on your fitness level and how much of a glutton for punishment you are, you can time your arrival to witness the rising of the sun — get in there, you summer solstice devotees.

The route follows some lovely, quiet roads, and the ride is a great experience.

Lakeside Road Bike Trip – The Lake District

Cycling in the Lake District
Cycling in the Lake District

This bike ride is known as the Lakeland Loop, and not only is it one of the most stunningly beautiful bike rides in the UK, but the whole world. If you can hack it, it’s a 40-mile journey that has been dubbed Britain’s best bike ride, and from the scenic point of view, it’s easy to see why.

Following the shoreline of the amazing Lake Coniston, you will understand why cyclists hold this particular trip in such high esteem. You will see some of the most fabulous vistas, taking in the region’s beautiful landscape with its challenging, undulating countryside. However, take caution since this is another bike ride that negotiates some of England’s toughest climbs and is therefore for the fittest of the fit.

Many cyclists have been almost brought to tears by the words “Wrynose Pass.” They’re not tears of sadness, though. Instead, they shed tears of joy and relief after having completed the course. With gradients that reach 30%, you may well need to drop down to those granny gears in order to get to the top.

Follow the Olympians on a Bike Ride in Surrey

Beautiful view from Box Hill, Surrey
Beautiful view from Box Hill, Surrey

Sir Bradley, who? Sorry, Mr Wiggins, but this is a great bike ride that anyone who wishes to emulate the pros of the peloton can take. The location is the famous Box Hill in the Surrey countryside.

The course is just over 10.5 miles long and follows some meandering rural roads affording a superb look over the River Mole from the top. The 1½-mile ascent will test your stamina, but when you get to the top, you will know it was well worth it.

The trip takes in a mixture of A and B roads and a few country lanes. It also follows the dual carriageway for a short while, but there is a cycling lane you can take in order to keep safe.

As one of the great highlights of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Surrey Hills have become one of the UK’s most popular riding arenas. Why not give this ride a try?

UK Safari Bike Ride – Richmond Park – London

Deer safarying by bike in Richmond Park
Deer safarying by bike in Richmond Park

Richmond Park in London is one of the most popular cycling routes there is. It covers over 2½ thousand acres and offers cyclists a 6 ¾- mile loop with some mildly challenging climbs. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the park’s beautiful wildlife with its large herds of Fallow Deer. You will even get a chance to admire a view of St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.

The Gravel Trail Bike Rides of Salisbury Plain

Taking to the gravel on Salisbury Plain
Taking to the gravel on Salisbury Plain

Gravel Trail bike riding originated in North America. It was born of cyclists who hankered after traditional routes on which they could explore long-forgotten wagon trails, forest fire roads, and old ridgeways. It wasn’t long before gravel trail bike riding found its way to the shores of the UK, and the Salisbury plain gravel trail ride is perfect for Bicycle Day UK.

Gravel trail bike riding is a great combination of road and mountain bike riding. It’s now so popular that wherever you find unpaved roads or trails, you’re probably going to come across some gravel riders.

The Salisbury plain gravel trail bike ride will take you 52 miles up onto the high plains of Salisbury on the west to the east circular course. It’s a mixture of both fast and rough gravel, and most of the route is on a 1,000-metre elevation.

You’ll get plenty of stunning views but don’t forget that Salisbury Plain is also a training area used by the military. You may bypass live firing or exercising troops, so be sure to keep to the paths and obey all flags and signs to stay safe.

Long Distance Endurance Mountain Bike Rides

Mountain biking in Wales
Mountain biking in Wales

If you’re a mountain biker and like to put your skill and endurance to the test, Enduro mountain biking is for you, and the trans-Cambrian Way in Wales is one of the best tests.

If you’re yet to ride in mid-Wales, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is usually Snowdonia in North Wales and the trail centres in the valleys of the South that get the most attention.

But in mid-Wales, the rolling hills and mountain countryside will give you opportunities to ride for hours without seeing another soul. The trans-Cambrian Way mountain bike ride offers all that and more.

Along the way, you will pass alongside rolling grassy hills, rugged slate-strewn peaks, and wonderful pine forests. This 108-mile ride starts in Knighton and comes to an end in Machynlleth, including stunning views and a few challenging climbs.

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