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Coronavirus outbreak
Belvilla is closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak. The health, safety, and well-being of our guests is our top priority. At this time, our contingency planning is well underway and you can read about our temporary booking & cancellation policy here. We will continue to update the page regularly to keep you informed
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Dear customer, In case you didn’t receive your voucher yet, please be aware we are working very hard to deliver your vouchers in time to you, despite some delays. If you want to make a new booking but haven’t received the voucher yet please reach out to us by phone. In case you're worried about not receiving your voucher, it is not necessary to contact us by phone or mail; we are working very hard to deliver as soon as possible. 


Unforeseen regulatory changes in international travel have come into effect due to the global nature of the Coronavirus outbreak. At Belvilla, your health, safety and security are our foremost endeavors. To offset the uncertainties of the times, we want to assist you with your bookings or modifications that you may require. 

As per developing reports, the outbreak is being monitored and worldwide measures are being taken to prevent further spread of the virus. As a conscious brand, we have introduced changes in our policies to enable ease of travel bookings for our guests. 

We recommend you to stay updated with the World Health Organization guidelines and directives and act accordingly.

Bookings in Areas with a travel warning

In case you have a booking in an area with a travel warning, your booking will be canceled automatically by Belvilla at the latest 3 days before the arrival date. You will receive a voucher with your paid amount by email. For more information about the voucher* please read below.

This voucher can be used to book a new holiday according to the conditions stated below.

Frequently asked questions in conjunction with corona

*What is a voucher?

A voucher is a digital credit stored at Belvilla you can use to make a booking. This voucher has been created on advice of the SGR for all cancelled bookings due to the Coronavirus.

Because of the extraordinary situation we are dealing with, the SGR offers its participants, such as Belvilla, the option to issue a corona-voucher* that is covered by the SGR guarantee scheme and encourages consumers to make use of this voucher. The guarantee scheme protects the consumer from financial loss should the participant not perform due to financial inability. It is thus an extra safeguard for the consumer that we want to offer you.

For the full conditions we like to refer you to the website of SGR:

        1. How will I receive my voucher?

We will send you the voucher by email. In case we promised you the voucher but you haven’t received it yet, please check your spam folder. At the moment we are very busy and will make sure you will receive the voucher as soon as possible and at least 3 days before your arrival date.

1a. I have already been promised a voucher and my booking has already been cancelled, when will I receive this voucher?

If we have already cancelled your booking as a result of a previous telephone contact and have promised you a voucher, we would like to ask you for your patience. At the moment we are busy sending these vouchers and will make sure you will receive this as soon as possible.

        2. How to use The Voucher?

When you make a booking on our website you will be requested to use your unique voucher code on the payment page. You can enter the voucher code and the money depending on the booking that you will be making will automatically be deducted from the voucher. If your booking amount is less than the amount in the voucher, then the remaining balance will still be reflected in your voucher and can be used for future bookings. Whereas, if your booking amount exceeds the voucher amount then you will be required to pay the additional money during the payment process.


         3. What Is the Amount of the voucher?

The amount of the voucher is the total amount paid for your current booking including cost on site and insurance cost (if applicable). Deposits paid to Belvilla will be refunded (due to the extra workload at this moment, this process might take up to 8 weeks)

        4. Why did Belvilla start working with vouchers?

We realize that - under normal circumstances - in the event of a cancellation by Belvilla, we would have to refund your paid amount. However, the current situation is so exceptional that we take the view that it is justified to make an exception. We are supported in this by the SGR and the ANVR.  The ANVR and SGR also have updates about this on their website. In fact, this procedure is equivalent to the possibility to rebook free of charge, as is currently done by various airlines and tour operators. We are counting on everyone's understanding for this.

        5. Is it allowed to have an expiration date on this voucher?

Yes, it is allowed to have an expiration date on this voucher. We follow the guidelines as stated by the SGR.

        6. Is this voucher transferable to another person?

Unfortunately this voucher can only be used by the main booker since the voucher is linked to the account of this main booker.

        7. What is the expiration date of this voucher?

For the exact expiration date we would like to refer you to the voucher you have received from Belvilla.In case we promised you the voucher but you haven’t received it yet, please check your spam folder

        8. Can I use this voucher for summer season and winter season holidays?

Yes of course this is possible. The voucher is valid for ALL holidays booked through Belvilla.

        9. What if the rebooked holiday is less expensive than my current booking?

The amount on the voucher not used for the booking will stay valid on the voucher for later use within the expiration date.

        10. What if the rebooked holiday is more expensive than my current booking?

In case you made a new booking which is more expensive than the current booking, you will be asked to pay the difference.

        11. Can I use this voucher for several bookings?

Yes, it is possible to use the voucher for several bookings. Please be aware that the booking should be done by the main booker. The amount on the voucher not used for the booking will stay valid on the voucher for later use within the expiration date.

        12. What if I rebook my holiday using the voucher and there are still travel restrictions in place?

Please be aware that if you use your voucher, for some countries travel restrictions may still be in place for the arrival date you have chosen. Please make sure you check this, before you make the booking. In case you booked a new holiday using the voucher, and unfortunately the new booking must be canceled again because of a changed travel restriction, you will receive the paid amount as a new voucher.

        13. Why am I informed by mail that my booking is canceled and not by phone?

At this moment we regret we don’t have the capacity in our customer service center to inform you personally. To stay available as much as possible for emergencies we decided to inform you by email. Our apologies for the impersonal approach and thank you for your understanding.

        14. I have a future booking but I’m concerned to travel because of the Coronavirus, what should I do?

We are monitoring all of our bookings closely. In case travel to or from the holiday destination is prohibited, we will handle accordingly. We recommend you to keep yourself informed by your own government. Your safety is of our utmost importance!

        15. How should I save my cancelled booking agreement?

You received the cancelled booking agreement by email. Please save this e-mail together with your corona-voucher and your original proof of payment on your computer for later reference.

In case you use ‘My Belvilla’ the booking information will also be saved in your ‘My Belvilla’ account.

        16. How can I make a correct proof of payment?

- Login at your bank account and go to your payment to Belvilla.
- Make a print screen of the payment, using the "PrtScn" button
- Save this file to your computer for later reference.

        17. I’m currently on holiday and the situation has changed e.g. lockdown

If you are staying where the travel warning changes (e.g lockdown), reach out to us on the 24/7 SOS (number listed on your travel-voucher) and local offices. Till then, stay safe and follow advisories issued by the relevant authorities.

New Bookings

Hopefully, the current situation will improve. If you’d like to make a booking for the future, we understand that you might want the flexibility to change or push your booking. Hence, we have allowed ‘Free Rebooking’. If the booking is made in the house with the tag 'Free Rebooking' then it means your booking falls under the temporary policy which we have issued in effect of the current situation. This gives you the flexibility to rebook your holiday home. This flexible plan allows you to reschedule the stay dates or choose a different holiday home for travel during 2020. The rebooking amount should be the same or less than the original. The difference, if any, shall be borne by the guest. 

This is valid for all bookings with an arrival date of 2020 made during this period. The Rebooking request can be made by calling on our Customer Service number till June 30, 2020. We are by your side, feel free to change, push and postpone your booking as per your convenience. 

For Your Reference: 

Advisory issued by relevant authorities with current status: 

·   World Health Organisation (WHO)

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Austria

 Travel advice. 

 Information about Coronavirus. 

·   Belgium 

 Travel Advice. 

 Information about Coronavirus

·   Croatia 

 Travel Advice. 

o   Information about Coronavirus

·   Czech Republic. 

 Travel Advice

 Information about Coronavirus

·   Denmark: 

 Travel Advice

 Information about Coronavirus

·   Netherlands

 Travel advice`

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   France

  Travel advice

  Information on the Coronavirus

·   Germany

  Travel advice

o    Information on the Coronavirus

·   Greece

  Travel advice

  Information on the Coronavirus

·   Italy

  Travel advice

  Information on the Coronavirus

·   Luxembourg

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Norway. 

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Poland. 

 Travel Advice. 

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Portugal. 

 Travel Advice. 

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Slovenia

 Travel Advice. 

o   Information on the Coronavirus. 

·   Spain

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Sweden

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   Switzerland

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus

·   UK

 Travel advice

 Information on the Coronavirus



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In our reservation process, you may opt to make a short reservation instead of a definite booking. By making a reservation, we save the stay for you for 48 hours, free of charge. If your stay commences within six weeks, you can only make a reservation for 24 hours. You then have time to make a decision with the assurance that the house will be held for you. In My Belvilla, you can cancel the reservation or change it into a definite booking. If you do nothing, your reservation expires automatically in the amount of time indicated. You can make up to two reservations simultaneously.

Did this answer help you?

Several small adjustments, like the number of accompanying persons or pets (up to the permitted maximum), can be made easily and free of charge in My Belvilla. If the desired adjustment is not listed in My Belvilla, please contact the Customer Contact Center.  You may be charged €27 for significant changes. In case you wish to adjust the period of stay or change the accommodation, cancellation costs may apply. The Customer Contact Center can inform you about these costs.

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The coupon is valid on all bookings placed between 15th April 2020 and 30th June 2020.

The coupon is applicable on all properties except holiday parks.

The coupon is valid for all stays happening between 15th April 2020 and 30th June 2021.

This is a flat €50 off coupon with no minimum spend hence applicable on all bookings.

Not applicable for stays between 1st July 2020 and 31st August 2020.

Only 1 coupon code can be used per booking.

The code cannot be exchanged for cash.

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You can pay by creditcard, PayPal or by bank transfer.

Did this answer help you?

The manner in which your arrival is managed is listed on your accomodation ticket. There are two options:

1. The home owner/manager will bring the key to the accommodation and meet you on site.

2. On your accomodation ticket you will find the address of the home owner/manager where you can pick up the key.

The same applies to departure, unless you have made different agreements on site. On your accommodation ticket you may find a request to call the home owner/manager before arrival, to guarantee a smooth key transfer.

Did this answer help you?

On your accomodation ticket you will find the contact information of the home owner/manager and the arrival times. Call the home owner/manager if they are not present within the listed arrival times. If that does not work, then call our emergency line. The phone number is listed on your accomodation ticket.

Did this answer help you?

Arrival or departure at a different date or time is only possible after agreement with the homeowner or location manager. In some cases, you may be charged additional costs. A request to arrive or depart at a different time may be submitted to the Customer Contact Center before booking, or after booking but before receipt of the accommodation ticket. In case you have already received said ticket, and have the homeowner’s contact details, you may contact them directly and discuss other arrangements.

Did this answer help you?

If you need to cancel your booking for circumstantial reasons, contact our Customer Contact Center via telephone or e-mail. Keep your booking number and customer number handy.

There are costs associated with cancellation. If you have cancellation insurance with Belvilla, and the booking is cancelled for a reason covered by the insurance, you may be able to file an insurance claim for said costs. You will find the conditions of the cancellation insurance under Insurance. The cancellation conditions will be sent to you direcly after booking via e-mail. 

Did this answer help you?

It is possible to take out a cancellation insurance within seven days after booking, if there is no reason for cancellation known yet. To arrange this, contact the Customer Contact Center by phone.

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