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In our reservation process, you may opt to make a short reservation instead of a definite booking. By making a reservation, we save the stay for you for 48 hours, free of charge. If your stay commences within six weeks, you can only make a reservation for 24 hours. You then have time to make a decision with the assurance that the house will be held for you. In My Belvilla, you can cancel the reservation or change it into a definite booking. If you do nothing, your reservation expires automatically in the amount of time indicated. You can make up to two reservations simultaneously.

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Several small adjustments, like the number of accompanying persons or pets (up to the permitted maximum), can be made easily and free of charge in My Belvilla. If the desired adjustment is not listed in My Belvilla, please contact the Customer Contact Center.  You may be charged €27 for significant changes. In case you wish to adjust the period of stay or change the accommodation, cancellation costs may apply. The Customer Contact Center can inform you about these costs.

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You can pay by creditcard, PayPal or by bank transfer.

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You will find all the information on your booking and payment status in My Belvilla. Here you can check which payments have been received and which amounts you still owe or which are on their way.

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If you get a reminder even though you’ve already paid, it’s possible the payment and the notice have crossed. In that case, please ignore the notice. You can find the actual status of your payment in My Belvilla at all times. Please keep in mind the duration of the payment process. Credit card payments are normally processed, and visible in My Belvilla, within approximately 10 minutes. For bank transfers, payment processing time depends on the bank, and may take longer than usual.

If you have paid via bank transfer and your payment confirmation is not visible in My Belvilla after the usual processing time of (international) bank transfers has expired, it is likely incorrect data (such as the booking number) has been passed with the payment, as a result of which we’ve been unable to process your payment properly. If you are convinced that you’ve made payment, you can send us a valid proof of payment. Visit our contact page and choose ‘My booking/reservation or stay’ as the subject of your message. You can now add the receipt as an attachment to your message. Your receipt will normally be processed within 24 hours and must include the correct amount and bank account details, as well as a confirmation from the bank. We’ll notify you in case your receipt fails to meet these requirements. If payment is still not received within 5 days after receiving the proof of payment, the validity of your receipt will expire.

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The manner in which your arrival is managed is listed on your accomodation ticket. There are two options:

1. The home owner/manager will bring the key to the accommodation and meet you on site.

2. On your accomodation ticket you will find the address of the home owner/manager where you can pick up the key.

The same applies to departure, unless you have made different agreements on site. On your accommodation ticket you may find a request to call the home owner/manager before arrival, to guarantee a smooth key transfer.

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On your accomodation ticket you will find the contact information of the home owner/manager and the arrival times. Call the home owner/manager if they are not present within the listed arrival times. If that does not work, then call our emergency line. The phone number is listed on your accomodation ticket.

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Arrival or departure at a different date or time is only possible after agreement with the homeowner or location manager. In some cases, you may be charged additional costs. A request to arrive or depart at a different time may be submitted to the Customer Contact Center before booking, or after booking but before receipt of the accommodation ticket. In case you have already received said ticket, and have the homeowner’s contact details, you may contact them directly and discuss other arrangements.

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If you need to cancel your booking for circumstantial reasons, contact our Customer Contact Center via telephone or e-mail. Keep your booking number and customer number handy.

There are costs associated with cancellation. If you have cancellation insurance with Belvilla, and the booking is cancelled for a reason covered by the insurance, you may be able to file an insurance claim for said costs. You will find the conditions of the cancellation insurance under Insurance. The cancellation conditions will be sent to you direcly after booking via e-mail. 

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It is possible to take out a cancellation insurance within seven days after booking, if there is no reason for cancellation known yet. To arrange this, contact the Customer Contact Center by phone.

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