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Ascension holiday home

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Weekend break over Ascension

Ascension is the ideal opportunity to take a break for a few days. The likelihood of good weather is high, nature is in full bloom and our holiday homes look great too. Do you want to get away from it all with your family? The annual getaway with family or friends, or a romantic holiday for two? Ascension offers many holiday possibilities and of course Belvilla will be happy to help you on your way!

Last minute Ascension

Deciding at the last minute to get away from it all for a while? Nothing is more fun than a spontaneous holiday or a weekend away! A holiday in your own country, Belgium or Germany is ideal over Ascension. And it's not that far in terms of distance either. Head out in the car and enjoy the countryside in your environment.

In the mood for some culture? Explore the city like a local and sample the authentic ambience. Spend Ascension in Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Prague, Berlin or discover one of the other beautiful cities up close! You get to see a lot over a few days on a city trip. Therefore, these are ideal destinations for mini breaks. So you get the feeling you've been on holiday, even if it is only for a few days.

Did you know that many of our holiday homes can also be booked for a duration that differs from the standard length of stay? So, by taking just one more day off, you can enjoy an extra long weekend over Ascension. Making it absolutely worthwhile to get away for a (long) weekend over Ascension.

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Get away to the coast over Ascension

Want to enjoy the sea and the beach? Then choose a holiday on the coast. Enjoy the sun on the beach and take a refreshing dip in the sea. Is it somewhat on the chilly side? Then you can walk along the boulevard or simply take a breath of fresh air on a walk on the beach.

Enjoy the coast in Zeeland, the Wadden Islands or West Flanders. Belvilla has a wide range of holiday homes by the sea. And the likelihood of sunshine is also quite high over Ascension of course. Spring is the perfect season for trips to the beach. Then it is often not so busy, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet around you.

And if you are very lucky, you can even take your first dip in the sea. But otherwise it's also lovely to put a rug out on the beach and have a nice picnic. Or take a book with you and finally read that chapter you've been wanting to read for months. A coastal holiday will ensure you return home completely rejuvenated. It is also a great destination for the whole family.

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Group getaways

Plan the annual getaway with family or friends with a weekend away over Ascension. The perfect time to get together and have a good time. Enjoy each other's company in a beautiful setting and experience all the luxury a group house has to offer.

Are you looking for a holiday home for a larger group? In the search function you can easily select the number of people you are planning to go on holiday with. This way you will always find a suitable holiday home for your travel group. Not only that, but you can also indicate whether you want to bring a pet, where you are looking for a holiday home and what facilities it should he The group houses always offer ample space for the whole family or group of friends.

All bases will be covered. For example, are you looking to stay in the Ardennes? The perfect group destination. Hiking in the countryside, visiting picturesque villages and after a long day, relaxing in the holiday home. For example, you can also choose a holiday home with its own wellness facilities. Giving you a sauna or jacuzzi at your fingertips, all to yourself. Now that's luxury!  

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Going to a holiday park over Ascension?

Do you like to spend your holidays in a lively environment, with all facilities nearby? Take a look at a holiday home in a holiday park. In our portfolio you will find many holiday parks, so there is something for everyone. Maybe with a pool, or in the mountains?

Even if you are a large group, renting a holiday home in a park is ideal. Book a few cottages next to each other so you can spend a lot of time together but also enjoy your privacy. Holiday parks are also very suitable when you go on holiday with children. The many organised activities mean your child will not get bored.

Treasure hunts, craft sessions and game afternoons: it's all up for grabs. But of course they can also just play in the swimming pool, where the most exciting slides are often to be found. And while your children are playing with their new-found holiday friends, you can enjoy some well-deserved rest. Heading out from the holiday park you can of course also discover many of the surrounding cities and places of interest. End the day in your own holiday home while enjoying a nice drink in your own garden.

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Yes you can get a discount by registering for the newsletter you can get a € 50,- discount.


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