Frequently asked questions about holiday in Herselt
What types of accommodations are available in Herselt for a holiday?

Herselt offers a range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, holiday cottages, and holiday apartments.

What kind of activities can visitors do in Herselt?

Herselt has a variety of activities to enjoy, such as fishing and canoeing on the Net River, cycling and hiking, exploring the local forests, visiting historical sites, and experiencing the local culture at the town’s many markets and festivals.

Is there good public transportation in Herself?

Yes, Herselt has good public transportation, including bus, rail, and air connections to nearby cities and towns.

What kind of cuisine is available in Herselt?

Herselt offers a range of local dishes, as well as international cuisine. Popular options include Belgian-style mussels and chips, carbonade flamande (beef stew with beer and prunes), and waffles.

Are there any holiday homes in Herselt?

Yes, there are several holiday homes available for rent in Herself, ranging from rustic cottages to modern, luxury villas.

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