Holiday homes in Croatia provide a combination of beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and on top of all that, a Mediterranean atmosphere. While staying in a holiday home, you can enjoy a beautiful blue sea, bays and (pebble) beaches, but also beautiful old towns and wonderful nature reserves. All the ingredients for a perfect holiday!

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Croatia: A diverse and stunning country

In the heart of Europe, bordering Italy, Slovenia and Hungary, you will find the diverse and stunning Croatia. The country is at the crossroads of Greek and Roman culture and many silent witnesses of both civilisations have been left behind in the form of ruins and architectural influences. Croatia has an extensive coastline along the Adriatic Sea. You can enjoy breathtaking nature inland. In addition, there are numerous cities that are definitely worth a visit. 

Holiday in Croatia

There are also plenty of possibilities for travelling to Croatia by plane, and then hiring a rental car. By choosing to have a driving holiday, you have complete freedom. A holiday home in Croatia guarantees a wonderful summer holiday in 2019 in a pleasant climate. Most of the summer months are dry and warm and ideal for walking or lying on the beach. Are you going on a summer holiday to Croatia in July or August? Then you can enjoy a proper holiday in the sun in Croatia, so a holiday home with swimming pool is recommended. For a holiday home in Croatia with a private pool, Belvilla is the place for you. So you can enjoy the sun and the water from the comfort of your own holiday home. You can also find plenty of holiday homes at Belvilla located in holiday parks in Croatia. Belvilla has a suitable holiday home in Croatia for everyone. Spontaneously got the urge to discover this special country? Then book a last minute trip to Croatia! Even at the last minute, holiday homes, villas with a pool or apartments are available in Croatia.

Holiday home by the sea in Croatia

If you are looking for a holiday in Croatia by the sea, you can stay on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea on one of the many Kvarner or Dalmatian islands that all belong to Croatia. Belvilla has plenty of holiday homes in Kvarner or in Dalmatia. Dalmatia is a region that offers not only sun, sea and sand, but also a rich culture. The island of Korcula, for example, has a number of sights that culture lovers shouldn't miss out on. On Badjia there is a Franciscan monastery which was built in 1392 and which you can still visit. In Biograd, the Basilica of Saint John is a real highlight. If you're looking for atmosphere and charm, we recommend Drns, Jelsa and Hvrar. In these towns you will find Turkish influences, Venetian houses and pure romance. The mainland of Croatia also has a long coastline. On the Istrian peninsula, you will find several stone and sandy beaches where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. For a holiday home in Istria by the sea, Belvilla is the only place to be. Small bars and restaurants ensure that you can enjoy a snack or drink while also getting a healthy tan. It's easy to find a holiday home by the sea in Croatia. So you can walk just a few minutes from your holiday home to the beach, where you can fully relax and unwind.

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia has exceptionally beautiful nature that impresses many people. The rugged landscapes and expansive vistas on the coastline are recommended, but if you want to see something really breathtaking, you should definitely visit the Plitvice Lakes. This national park consists of no less than sixteen azure blue lakes and countless waterfalls scattered throughout the area. Wooden footbridges, small paths and boats lead you through the park, past streams and beautiful waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. The icing on the cake is a large, impressive waterfall that can be reached after an intense walk and a long climb. The park is home to a number of special animals, and if you're lucky you may come across them during your walk. Around the lakes you can spot kingfishers, herons, owls, wolves, foxes and otters. This means that the park is not only popular with nature lovers, but also with hobby photographers. Besides Plitvice, the Krka Falls are also a good destination for a holiday in Croatia. Belvilla offers various holiday homes in the vicinity of these nature reserves. The Belvilla holiday homes near these nature reserves are the perfect starting point for a stay among the flora and fauna of Croatia.

An active holiday in Croatia

Croatia is also a good option for you if you're interested in an active holiday. On the Croatian coastline, you can enjoy various water sports such as swimming and sailing. But it is mainly the many cycling and hiking opportunities that make a holiday in Croatia attractive to sport-loving tourists. Both inland and on the coast, you will find an extensive network of cycling and walking paths that will lead you through the beautiful country and allow you to discover the most stunning places. A tour of Croatia is also a good option if you want to see as much of beautiful Croatia as possible. In this case, you can rent several Belvillas at different locations.

Great city trips in Croatia

In Croatia you will find several cities that are absolutely worth a visit. A visit to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is perfect if you love shopping and gastronomy and if you also want to experience the culture and history of this city. With Belvilla you can always find a holiday home in Zagreb or near Zagreb. Are you looking more for romance and culture in Croatia? Then Pula and Split are nice cities to visit during your trip. These coastal towns consist of small alleys and authentic houses that look just like a film set. A city that is full of variety and therefore also ideal for a fantastic holiday in Croatia is the city of Dubrovnik. Belvilla is the perfect port of call for a holiday home in Dubrovnik or around Dubrovnik.This city has a rich history and a wide range of attractions. The atmospheric coastal town of Rovinj is ideal for people who are looking for a friendly town full of history. A holiday home in Croatia near the excellent party island of Hvar will appeal to young people in particular because of the vibrant nightlife that this island has to offer. However, Hvar is also a good holiday destination for people who yearn for a quiet holiday. In short, you can also visit Croatia's lovely cities from a holiday home in Croatia. 


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