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Holiday home in East Bohemia

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East Bohemia

Experience the natural beauty of East Bohemia from a holiday home

Discover the beautiful surroundings of your holiday home in East Bohemia! You will discover beautiful green hilly landscapes, meadows, forests and mountainous areas here. There are many protected landscape areas and (national) nature reserves, where you still encounter original forests and rare flora and fauna. The region has a well-established network of walking and cycling routes to get in touch with nature. For nature lovers and active tourists, there is plenty to discover from our holiday homes!

Discover beautiful nature reserves from your holiday home in Eastern Bohemia

It's too much to list them all, but we've highlighted a few of them: at the unique Rock Cities of Adrspach and Teplice (Adrspassko-teplické skály), you'll see a labyrinth of gorges and ravines and bizarre rock formations. This sandstone plateau, in the highlands of Broumov, is the largest nature reserve in the Czech Republic, and is a major attraction. Then there are the rock walls of Broumov, a long ridge with sandstone rock towns. And then there is the Protected Landscape Reserve of the Iron Mountains (Zelezné hory), and the Protected Landscape Reserve of the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory). These areas attract many mountaineers and hikers. Water sports are also possible on the lakes, such as the Rozkos and Pastviny reservoirs in the Eagle Mountains.

Culture in East Bohemia

Our beautifully situated holiday homes are the ideal starting point for exploring East Bohemia from a cultural point of view. You can taste the past in the many historic towns, monasteries, castles and monuments. During your visit to the many castles in East Bohemia, you will get to know the Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art-Deco, Biedermeier, Classisisme or Rococo styles. Too many to mention, that's why we highlight a few: Nové Mesto nad Metují (Renaissance and Baroque interiors), Nové Hrady, Rychov nad Kneznou (art collection), Lytomysl (UNESCO). In Vysocina, there is an open-air museum where typical Bohemian (wooden) houses can be seen. The historic towns with protected townscapes, Nové Mesto nad Metují, Hradec Králové, Litomysl, Moravska Trebová and Pardubice are definitely worth a visit.

Relaxation for everyone, in and around the holiday home!

Do you want to relax? Then think of a spa. East Bohemia has three well-known health resorts, Velichovky, Bohdanec and Anenské slatinné lázne. Or visit one of the traditional events or festivals. Ideal to taste the local atmosphere! In and around your holiday home, you won't get bored!

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Holiday in Eastern Bohemia - FAQs

What are the most important places to visit in Eastern Bohemia?

Kunětická Mountain, Pecka, Lichnice, Rychmburk, Litice or Svojanov are some places that you must visit in Eastern Bohemia.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Eastern Bohemia?

Some of the must-try activities in Eastern Bohemia are:

  • Go horse riding and cycling
  • Buy stamps
  • Explore the local trains, cable cars and sightseeing cruises
What are the recommended dishes in Eastern Bohemia?

Some of the recommended dishes in Eastern Bohemia are Houbova Polevka Myslivecka (Hunter's Mushroom Soup), Knedlík (dumpling), svíčková (beef sirloin), goulash, bramboráčky (potato pancake), halušky (Bohemian gnocchi).

When is the ideal time to visit Eastern Bohemia?

The best time to visit Eastern Bohemia is during spring and fall.

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travellers from the UK can reach Eastern Bohemia by air, rail or road. If you choose to fly, Prague houses the closest airport to the Eastern Bohemian Region.


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