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Fragrant Alps meadows, breathtaking views, glistering lakes and gorgeous mountains this is the Lake Lucerne region. The holiday homes around the 'Four forest cities lake' are located in an area which is very varied and has something for everyone, be that what nature has to offer or cultural attractions. The nature here is unspoilt and overwhelming; the green of the meadows and trees, white mountain tops and the many colours of the lake make it a new and fascinating experience every time.

Cottages Four forest cities lake; perfect starting point for a holiday in the mountains

There are various mountains here, including the Pilatus (2130 m) and the Rigi (1800 m). You can take a funicular (railway) or cable car to the top. At the top of the mountain youll be enjoy an amazing view of the lakes and mountain tops. Saviour a nice cup of coffee or a Swiss liqueur such as the Pfümli on one of the sunny mountain terraces.

Your cottage at the Four forest cities lake offers 1001 possibilities

The more active holidaymaker will find much to their liking in the holiday homes in the Lake Lucerne area. Mountain climbing is an exciting challenge, the roads to the top are beautiful and, once you are at the top, youll know it was all worth the trouble to get there. If the weather is good you can look around and see all the lakes and picturesque towns. You can also get up to a lot on the lake itself, going canoeing or making a boat trip.

From your cottage on the shores of the Four forest cities lake you can visit the city Lucerne

The city of Lucerne, the capital city of this region, has a lively atmosphere and offers a great view of the Lake Lucerne, also called the smiling lake. The traffic museum is recommended for both children and adults. The famous Chapel Bridge is the symbol of the city. Even if your cottage is a bit further away from this city, it is well worth it to drive there

Although Switzerland is not cheap, it can be a nice shopping experience. The shops invite you to come in and browse; youll find the Swiss to be a friendly people. Perhaps you can find a nice clock or wood carving!

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