Go to Lanzarote for a sunny holiday during the festival

The very best overseas alternative to staying on the Costa Blanca on mainland Spain, loved by Dutch and Belgian tourists, is a holiday on Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. It stays warm there all year round. Even during the Christmas holidays and New Year 2016. A guaranteed spectacular New Year's party awaits you. So check out our last-minute accommodation availability on Lanzarote, for all your trips to Lanzarote in Spain, and choose an apartment, house or other holiday home on the Belvilla website, at bargain prices. We offer the best service and value for money for a carefree holiday in Lanzarote or other sunny destinations in southern Europe. These include Spain, Portugal, and Greece, or the other popular Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean - Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

Sunbathing in winter on a Playa at Puerto del Carmen

Although Lanzarote was formed through volcanic eruptions in Spain, you will also find beautiful, large and perfectly preserved beaches on this Canary Island. There are sun loungers and parasols belonging to a hotel, club or resort on some parts of those beaches in Lanzarote. But you can also go onto the beaches free of charge. In Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote, there are three famous beaches: first the Playa Grande, or Playa Blanco, then the Playa de los Pocillos, and finally the Playa de Matagorda. As the nickname suggests, the first beach on Lanzarote is all white sand. The beach is close to an area with bars, shops and restaurants, and therefore attracts many tourists. The Playa de los Pocillos is usually less busy. But plenty of guests from the beachfront club and hotel swing by to take a refreshing dip in the ocean. The largest beach in Puerto del Carmen, which you can just about see from the airport in Lanzarote's capital Arrecife, is the Playa de Matagorda. Arrefice, on the coast, has only been the island's capital since 1852. That honour previously fell to Teguise, more to the north of Lanzarote. You can also rent an apartment or holiday home there, to explore Teguise and the Lanzarote region.

A luxurious holiday home as an alternative to all-inclusive hotels

You can rent a luxurious and comfortable apartment, home, bungalow or accommodation from Belvilla as an excellent alternative to the all-inclusive hotels both on Playa de Puerto del Carmen and in the interior of Lanzarote. All our accommodation is spacious and fitted with the latest equipment to make your holiday as pleasant as possible. What's more, our accommodation in Lanzarote is so inexpensive that you'll easily be able to afford travelling to the island several times a year and treating your family and friends to dinners in the local restaurants, bike rentals or other excursions while on holidays. As an apartment or holiday home gives you the sort of freedom that you don't get from some hotels. This means you can determine your daily schedule without having to take into account the opening times for breakfast and the restaurant in some hotels. Our holiday homes are all very conveniently located. Close to the beach, swimming pool or other attraction where you can take the children. After, you can get peace and quiet in your room and enjoy the beautiful days you spend on holiday in Lanzarote or the other Canary Islands in Spain.

Activities and attractions in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands

Check out all the last minute deals for the end of 2015 and start of 2016 on our website and ask our staff for further information about your stay in Lanzarote. They can answer all your questions about your accommodation and holidays in Lanzarote, the other Canary Islands and even countries such as Portugal, Greece, Turkey and other destinations. They can also provide you with useful information and advice about the countries and regions you want to travel to, at any time. You can of course enjoy the sun on Lanzarote, just as on the Costa Blanca in Spain. But there is so much more to see and do, you should definitely go on a few outings. Visit the protected landscape of La Geria on Lanzarote, and taste the delicious Malvasia wine that ripen on Lanzarote. Explore the most paradise-like beach of Papagayo. Travel to Cueva de Los Verdes and look inside the earth in the pirate shelter under the lava rocks. Go to El Golfo, a crater at sea level. Or take the crossing to one of the other Canary Islands. For example, several ferries leave every day to and from Gran Canaria. Check out the last minute deals at Belvilla and choose a holiday in Lanzarote for an unforgettable New Year's Eve!

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Holiday on Lanzarote - FAQs
What are the most important places to visit on Lanzarote?

The most important places to visit on Lanzarote are Timanfaya National Park, Arrecife, Puerto Del Carmen Haria, and Playa Blanca.


Any activities that I must include during my stay on Lanzarote?

Some of the must-do activities on Lanzarote are-

  • Taking a Jeep Safari
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Paragliding


If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Lanzarote by flight

What are the recommended dishes on Lanzarote?

Some of the recommended dishes on Lanzarote are Mojo, papas Arrugadas Gofio, Squids,  and Canarian Wrinkly Potato.

When is the ideal time to visit Lanzarote?

The months from April to October are the best to visit Lanzarote.


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