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, Moravia
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  • 135 m²
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Zátor , Moravia
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Nedvědice , Moravia
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Nedvědice , Moravia
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We don't have to say much about Moravia, because you just have to see, feel and experience this region! The holiday homes in Moravia are the ideal starting point for an exploration. Discover the romantic villages, the many fortresses and fairytale castles hidden between forests, meadows, rivers, hills and mountains of beautiful Moravia. From the holiday homes in Moravia, you can combine this with culture, sun and wine, and your stay can't go wrong!

Holiday homes in Moravia, a nice mix for a varied holiday

In addition to beautiful nature reserves (with more than 400 caves, stalactite caves and underground rivers), this versatile area also offers medieval gold mines, historic cities and romantic castles. All this beauty is the basis of infinite (sports) possibilities for young and old. A true paradise for nature, cycling and hiking enthusiasts.

A day trip to Brno

A visit to the historic city of Brno, the most important city in this region, should not be missed. From your holiday home in Moravia you will get acquainted with the architecture. Lovers of the architecture of the last centuries will be delighted, because between 1920-1940 it was the centre of modern art in Central Europe, and attracted many international architects. Brno therefore has a beating heart with trendy restaurants, bars and modern shopping streets. But there are more interesting historical towns! Think of the Unesco town of Telc, or the baroque town of Olomouc.

Go for treatments from your holiday home in Moravia

Moravia also offers spa treatments in Jesenik, Karlova Studánka, Trebon and Luhacovice. Moravia is also the place for winter sports enthusiasts, in the picturesque landscape of the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory) and the Jeseníky Mountains, in northern Moravia. The famous ski resorts in the Eagle Mountains are Rícky and Detné, and in Jeseníky they are Ramzová and Cervenohorské Sedlo. There are also ski resorts in the Beskydy mountain area in the east. The resorts and slopes here are suitable for the less demanding winter sports enthusiast (in terms of facilities, maintenance and slopes).

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