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Looking to combine the Greek island lifestyle with nightlife and a party atmosphere? Then make sure to visit Mykonos, the most fashionable island in Greece. Enchanting beaches, rugged hills and the characteristic white cube-shaped houses are the most common features of this Cyclades island. Mykonos also has an amazing number of churches, chapels and windmills. According to Greek mythology, Mykonos was the setting for the battle between the supreme god Zeus and the giants. According to the myth, these rebellious giants were buried beneath the granite rocks after being defeated by Heracles. Want to experience the best of Greek luxury? Book your ‘own’ private villa on Mykonos!

Discover the capital of Chora from your holiday home on Mykonos

The capital city of Chora (an unoriginal name that literally means ‘capital’) is a picturesque town on the west coast, where local fishing boats and yachts owned by jetsetters happily bob alongside each other in the harbour. The traditional white windmills overlook the centre of this charming capital, where you can easily lose your way. Chora itself is home to white-washed cube-shaped houses with wooden shutters and brightly painted balconies, lovely little churches, cosy taverns and inviting shops. The most famous church, a national monument, is the Panagía Paraportianí, which was built on the spot that was once the gateway to the Venetian citadel (the Kastro). At the foot of the fort is ‘Little Venice' (Míkra Enetía), a charming artist’s neighbourhood with homes that extend to the sea.

The beautiful beaches of Mykonos

Mykonos has lovely, fairly crowded sandy beaches. In the southern part of the island you will find Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach and, a little to the west, the nudist beach of Elia, which is relatively crowded during high season. After a day of relaxing on the beach, there is nothing more enjoyable than returning to the quiet of your holiday home.

Island hopping from your Greek villa

The island's mascot, Petros the Pelican, can be found in the Chora harbour. The bird washed ashore injured in 1958 and was cared for by a fisherman. After recovering from his injuries, he stayed on the island. Over time he was awarded the status of mascot. Various boat services depart from this harbour to surrounding islands. These boats take you to such islands as the historic, uninhabited island of Delos which, according to Greek mythology, was the birthplace of the sun god Apollo and his sister Artemis. Here you will find various archaeological sites, such as the Sanctuary of Dionysus. The numerous other islands of the Cyclades and the mainland are also worth a visit by boat.

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