Your holiday home in Puglia is located in the south of Italy, the heel of the Italian boot. Airports for this region are Brindisi and Bari. Different peoples (e.g. Greeks, Turks, Arabs and Spaniards) have left their mark here (on the southern peninsula of Salento, ancient Greek is still spoken in some villages). The region has managed to retain its authenticity, and is therefore ideal for experiencing true Italy. Discover the beautiful architecture, fantastic cuisine, fine wines, dreamy coastlines and Italian hospitality from a holiday home in Puglia.

Discover true Italy from a holiday home in Puglia

Endless plains, rolling hills, countryside with olive groves, vineyards and ancient white towns are waiting to be discovered. Puglia is the olive producer of Italy, and you will also find good, affordable wines here. The Baroque city of Lecce, in the south, is definitely worth a visit. You'll find some interesting buildings here. You will find the Cathedral, the Palazzo Vescovilr and the Seminary around the beautiful Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square). Don't forget the Santa Croce, a church from 1549, with an impressive baroque façade. Take a look at the excavations of the Roman amphitheatre. If you like churches and cathedrals, visit those of Bari, Trani and Ruvo di Puglia.

The city of Ostini, located in the province of Brindisi, is definitely worth a visit. The city is also called 'Città Bianca', the white city. The brown cathedral with its colourful dome is located at the highest point. From this point, you have a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape and the Adriatic Sea.

The city of Nardò is not to be missed either. You will find beautiful monuments a few kilometres from the Gulf of Taranto. After an earthquake in 1743, many buildings were rebuilt in Baroque style. The impressive column Giuglia dell'Immaculta, located on Piazza Salandra, is situated in the heart of the city. Enough to see and discover from your holiday home in Puglia!

Puglia is great for a beach holiday too!

Your holiday home in Puglia is never far from the sea.In the east lies the Adriatic Sea, and in the south the Ionian Sea. On the Atlantic coast, the area on the Gargano peninsula is particularly beautiful (like the towns of Vieste and Rodi Garganico). Otranto and Santa Cesarea Terme health resort are also highly recommended. On the Ionian coast, the beautiful port of Gallipoli and S.M. di Leuca is worth a visit. There are also a number of caves along the coastline. Enjoy your own holiday home in Puglia surrounded by rocks, pine trees, sandy beaches, beautiful bays and a blue sea!

Discover Puglia from a characteristic holiday home

In Puglia, you can enjoy a very authentic holiday home with Belvilla; you can sleep in a real trullo!Trulli (plural) are mysterious houses with a unique cone-shaped architectural style, unique in Puglia. They are cool in the summer because of their construction, and were formerly used by farmers to rest after work on the land. Now they're special monuments. There are thousands of them in the area around Alberobello, which is why this area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Spending the night in a Trullo is a special experience, and Belvilla offers you that possibility! Quickly dive into our offer, and enjoy your own holiday home in Puglia this spring, summer or autumn.

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Holiday in Puglia - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in Puglia?

There are around 50+ Belvilla houses in Puglia, Italy.

What are the most important places to visit in Puglia?

Castellana Caves, Teatro Petruzzelli Theatre and Castle de Monte are some places that you must visit in Puglia.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Puglia?

Some of the must-try activities in Puglia are:

  • Swim and lounge at the beaches
  • Experience the nightlife
  • Cycle or walk through the different villages along the coastline
What are the recommended dishes in Puglia?

Some of the recommended dishes in Puglia are Acquasala (Puglian bread salad), Tiella ( baked tomatoes, potatoes, rice and mussels), Fave e cicoria (fava bean purée with wild chicory) and Calzone di cipolla

When is the ideal time to visit Puglia?

The best time to visit Puglia is during the spring, autumn and early summer months.

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