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Thira (Megalochori) , Santorini
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  • 190 m²
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€ 5,661
€ 2,980
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Thira (Megalochori) , Santorini
  • 4
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  • 100 m²
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€ 1,494
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Thira (Megalochori) , Santorini
  • 6
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  • 120 m²
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€ 4,022
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Take a holiday in a holiday home on the Aegean island of Santorini. Santorini is located in the south of Greece and is one of the most popular and exclusive travel destinations as it is amongst the ‘most beautiful’ of the Greek islands. This magnificent volcanic island is characterised by its sheer crater wall with its whitewashed houses above the crater ridge. The deep blue crater basin, the ‘caldera’, is a popular destination for cruise ships.

If you book your Santorini holiday home between April and June, you will enjoy fabulous, colourful vegetation and avoid sharing the beaches with too many tourists. However, even in the summer months you will still find deserted bays and beaches and a trip to this special island is always worthwhile!

Holiday home on Santorini – Beaches and bays

The popular beach of Kimari is named the “black beach”. Many sandy and gravel beaches stretch along the flat East coast of the island. Travel from your holiday apartment or home on Santorini to Perissa beach, Balos bay or Monolithos beach, popular with surfers, which are other destinations for trips by lovers of water sports and ramblers.
It is said that the island could be the mythical Atlantis. In any case, it appears that this typical and traditional Greek island has many congruities with the descriptions of Atlantis. Do, however, experience this unique Santorini atmosphere for yourself from your holiday home!

Holiday home on Santorini – Evening programme in Thira

Take a trip to Thira, the capital of Santorini, from your holiday home on Santorini. Thira has an airport, which is a destination for many charter flights, as well as an international yacht harbour.  Due to much tourism, the island is well developed. Revellers will find a rich selection of bars, clubs, discos and taverns in Thira; after the sun goes down the city changes into an international party mile and offers a substantial choice of entertainment.

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