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Sardinia, twelve kilometres to the south of Corsica, seems to be a country in its own right with its own language, culture and customs. The holiday homes in Sardinia are all situated in gorgeous spots. You will find many ancient traditions still upheld here, especially in the Gennargentu mountains. Sardinia has exceptionally beautiful unspoilt nature. The countryside is mainly hilly and in some places mountainous. There is even a part which has been declared a nature reserve by Unesco. The cottages in Sardinia are often surrounded by greenery, and are mostly within driving distance of the coast.

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The inland is defined by woods, chalk rocks, old volcanoes, caves, springs, waterfalls and abysses. The coastline of 1800 kilometres is characterised by the large coves, bays, shell- and pebble beaches and of course the crystal clear blue sea.

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Sardinia is also an island of contradictions. Besides the typical lifestyle and unspoilt nature, there are also genuine jet set resorts on the Costa Smeralda in the North. The island is also home to numerous archaeological treasures, such as the "nuraghi", prehistoric defense turrets, present all over the island. There are also Roman ruins such as the Roman amphitheatre in Cagliari. Your cottage in Sardinia is ideally suited for a varied holiday on the island.

All cottages on Sardinia