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Holiday home on Schiermonnikoog

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Top places of interest in

Bird-watching from the hide

If you are a bird lover, don't forget your binoculars on Schiermonnikoog. The Westerplas is rich in birdlife, and getting to the hide means you get a stunning view over the lake, where geese, ducks and many more water birds live.


Dive into history

On your way to the Marlin beach pavilion? Then take a look at Bunker Wassermann on the way. The bunker dates from the second world war, and is used nowadays as a watchtower. This gives you a beautiful view over the island.


Walk beneath the whale jaw

It's probably a strange image, but if you are in the centre of Schiermonnikoog village, you can walk under a whale jaw. The jaw dates from 1950, and is a memento for the residents of the whaling village of long ago.


The home of "Bleekneusjes" - sickly children sent to the seaside for their health

The Sint Egbert Chapel is located on the island. This little chapel used to be part of the Children's Colony House where sickly children could build their strength back up for about six weeks. The church is still in use and certainly worth having a look at.

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Schiermonnikoog: an oasis of peace in the Wadden Sea

Schiermonnikoog is one of the Frisian Islands to the north of the Netherlands. The island officially belongs to the province of Friesland, but due to erosion on the west side and silting up on the east side, Schiermonnikoog is moving slowly towards the province of Groningen. At just 18 kilometres long, Schiermonnikoog is a miniature paradise for a wonderful holiday by the sea, or a weekend away in a cottage by the water.

There is only one village on the island, called Schiermonnikoog, same as the island. This place, dating from the beginning of the 18th century, is the most northerly place in the Netherlands and forms a protected villagescape. Several houses in the village are listed, mostly because of a unique gable roof or unique six-pane windows. The Saint Egbertus chapel with gabled roofs and stained-glass windows is also a national monument. The most famous is the Noordertoren, a national monument which is actually a water tower and lighthouse. In the middle of the village are the jaws of a blue whale, in tribute to the whaling industry. On this island you will also find Bunkermuseum Schlei and a shell museum. The island has quite a few restaurants and cafes, and of course, you can eat or drink in many places by the sea in one of the beach pavilions.

Schiermonnikoog is a hospitable island offering many holiday facilities. Whether looking for group accommodation for a weekend break, a bungalow for a family holiday or an apartment, you will find it every time. And that's a good thing, because there is a lot to do while on holiday at Schiermonnikoog!

A holiday home on Schiermonnikoog for an active or sporty holiday in the outdoors.

You can go cycling on Schiermonnikoog. You can follow various marked routes, varying in distance from 12 to 20 kilometres. Directions can be obtained from the tourist information office, or you can download them yourself from the internet. In order to keep the landscape as natural as possible, there are hardly any signposts or signs on Schiermonnikoog. The same goes for the various hiking tours. With map in hand you walk along shell paths through villages, and forests, along salt marshes, through the dunes and of course over the beautiful wide beaches. This means you can get to know the island in peace and quiet and take a refreshing dip in the sea. You can also go swimming in the fresh natural water of the Berkenplas, or in the open-air swimming pool at Schiermonnikoog.

Are you looking for more active pursuits or sporting challenges? Then the activity beach at Paal 3 is the place for you. Here you can go kitesurfing and surfboarding. There is equipment available for beginners to rent, you can also negotiate lessons. The many wide beaches offer plenty of opportunities in the summer to relax and enjoy the sun. The favourable winds also makes kite flying something fun to do on the beaches of Schiermonnikoog. And horse riding fans will have a great time riding along the beach or trekking through the woods. The island also has a marina, on the south-west side near the old Veerdam.

One of the really special activities you can do while on holiday on Schiermonnikoog is, of course, walking the mudflats. An excursion with a guide means you get to walk the mudflats and have the tides and all the animals and plants living on the mudflats explained.

Enjoy the unique scenery in a holiday home on Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is a recognised National Park, with very varied scenery. This special Frisian island is a paradise for more than 300 species of birds. With its mud flats and combination of fresh and salt water, the Oosterkwelder is a popular breeding ground for spoonbills, harriers and short-eared owls, while the dunes are mainly inhabited by songbirds. Various unique mudflats and migratory birds such as redwings and peregrine falcons can also be spotted on Schiermonnikoog. The so-called high tide refuges are sandbanks which are not only popular with birds, but also with seals.

In addition to the rich fauna, you can also enjoy the richness of the plant life. In addition to many species of distinctive dune plants such as sea lavender, parnassia and the dune pansy, several varieties of orchid grow and bloom here. There may be no other beach in the Netherlands where you can find so many different types of shells.

Useful information about Schiermonnikoog

To get to your holiday home on Schiermonnikoog, you take a ferry from Lauwersoog in Friesland to the island. The crossing takes about 45 minutes. If you go on holiday in self-catering accommodation on Schiermonnikoog you will enjoy a lovely rest, among other things because of the absence of cars. There is public transport on the island. There are bus connections from the landing to the centre of Schiermonnikoog, and you can also get a taxi.

At the Schiermonnikoog Visitor Centre you can get information about all the activities and sights on and around the island. If you go for a holiday home on Schiermonnikoog, it is a good idea to visit this centre.

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Holiday on Schiermonnikoog - FAQs

How many Belvilla vacation homes can I choose from on Schiermonnikoog?

There are 10+ Belvilla vacation homes to choose from in Schiermonnikoog.


Any activities that I must include in my stay on Schiermonnikoog?

Some of the must-do activities on Schiermonnikoog are-

  • Horse Riding 
  • Trekking
  • Swimming
  • Surfing


If I'm coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Schiermonnikoog by connecting flight, train, bus and ferry.

When is the ideal time to visit Schiermonnikoog?

The months from June to September are the best to visit Schiermonnikoog.


What are the most important places to visit on Schiermonnikoog?

The most important places to visit in Schiermonnikoog are Bunkermuseum Schlei, Saint Egbertus Chapel, Noordertoren and Veerdam.


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