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Experience an adventurous beach holiday in a holiday home on Sicily. This island is located in the south of Italy and was the first to be inhabited by the Greeks. Sicily has a beautiful combination of history, art and nature. Because, besides the Greeks, the Arabs, Normans and Spaniards have left their mark here. This can be seen in the different architectural styles on the island, and that is what makes it so special. The Sicilians don't complain about it; they love all that splendour. The holiday homes on Sicily are an ideal starting point for a holiday in Italian spheres.

Holidays on Sicily, take a tour of the island

A holiday home on Sicily makes many trips possible. For example, drive through Sicily by car and travel through changing landscapes full of almond orchards, orange plantations, ancient Greek temples, dilapidated churches, azure bays and beautiful cliffs. Of all the peoples, the Greeks left the most behind. On the west and south coasts, you'll find many Greek buildings and you can admire excavations.

For those who love peace and quiet, a visit to the Lo Zingaro Nature Park is definitely worth it! It is located in the north of Sicily. Besides the beautiful flora and fauna, you will find small bays where you can swim, dive and snorkel in peace and quiet. With a holiday home on Sicily, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful holiday.

Do you want to do your own cooking in your holiday home, or do you want to eat out?

Do you prefer to cook yourself during your holiday in Sicily, or will you let yourself be treated in one of the local restaurants? Tasting the Sicilian cuisine is best done in the capital Palermo. Sicily actually has two kinds of cuisine. You will find many fish and vegetable dishes on the menu of Sicilians. A typical dish is the involtini (thin slice of rolled meat with herbs, cheese or eggs). In addition, Sicilians loves small snacks. On the street, you will find numerous food stalls with snacks such as almond biscuits, Arancine di riso (rice balls) and various deep-fried vegetables. Enjoy all the delicacies and prepare a delicious dinner in your holiday home on Sicily, or take a break and go out for a lovely dinner. The eateries often stay open until well after midnight, so take your time!

Finally, some general tips: renting a car, motorbike or scooter on Sicily is highly recommended, because public transport is not always available, certainly not to reach remote places. Explore all the corners of the island easily from your holiday home in Sicily!

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Holiday on Sicily - FAQs
How many Belvilla houses can I choose from on Sicily?

There are 170+ Belvilla houses on Sicily.

What are the most important places to visit on Sicily?

Some of the most important places to visit on Sicily are Palermo, Taormina, Val di Noto, Aeolian Islands, Agrigento and the valley of temples.

Any activity that I must include during my stay on Sicily?

Some of the must-do activities on Sicily are:

  • Visiting valleys
  • Exploring historic towns
  • Enjoying beautiful islands
  • Visiting parks and castles
What are the recommended dishes on Sicily?

Some of the recommended dishes on Sicily are Pane con Panelle, Arancini, Caponata, Cannoli, Granita, Malvasia Wine, Cassata, and Frutta Martorana.

When is the ideal time for travelers to visit Sicily?

The months from April to June and September to October are the best to visit Sicily.

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