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This southern Italian island, the first to be inhabited by the Greeks, boasts a wonderful combination of history, art treasures, and nature. Not only the Greeks, but also the Arabs, the Normans and the Spanish have left their mark on the island. This is clearly visible from the varied architecture, which is what makes this Italian island so special. And the Sicilians are not complaining they love all that splendour and grandeur. The holiday homes in Sicily are the ideal starting point for a week's holiday in Italian atmosphere.

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The Greeks have left behind more than the other invaders. You will find many Greek structures along the west and south coasts and you can explore many excavations. Exploring Sicily by car will take you on a varied journey along almond orchards, orange plantations, ancient Greek temples, dilapidated churches, azure blue bays, and stunning cliffs.

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If you like tranquillity, the natural park of Lo Zingaro is well worth a visit! This is situated in the North. Here, you will not only find wonderful wildlife, but also small coves where you can indulge in some quiet swimming, diving, and snorkelling. You will have a splendid holiday in Sicily.

Cooking yourself or eating out?

Palermo, the capital, is the place to try out the Sicilian cuisine. Sicily actually has two. The Sicilian menu includes a lot of fish and vegetable dishes. A typical dish is involtini - rolled slices of meat with herbs, cheese, or eggs. The Sicilians also love small snacks. You will find many food stalls in the streets with almond biscuits, Arancine di riso (rice balls), and a range of deep fried vegetables. Enjoy all the delights and cook a lovely meal in your cottage in Sicily or live it large and go out for a meal. The food stalls are often open until way past midnight, so take your time!

All cottages on Sicily