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Celebrate summer in a Belvilla

Summer is the ideal time to take a break with your family, a group of friends or your partner! Do you already hav some ideas in mind? Are you looking for a holiday home with pool? A coastal accommodation? Or are you looking for a pet-friendly holiday home? At Belvilla you will find a wide range of holiday homes. Where are you going this summer?

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Holiday homes in Southern Europe

At Belvilla you will find a wide range of holiday homes in southern Europe. Discover our accommodations on the Spanish Costas, book an Italian agritourism accommodation in Tuscany, or head to the French Riviera this summer. Wherever you decide upon, your holiday home in Southern Europe will provide pure enjoyment in the summer!

A holiday home in Southern Europe is always an excellent choice. You are almost always assured of good weather in the summer there. In France or Italy, for example, temperatures can reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius! How lovely then to be able to sunbathe on the beach or by your own pool on a sun lounger? Each country also has delicious dishes to sample from the local cuisine. How about Italian pasta or pizza, for example? Or, traditional Spanish tapas? There are plenty of reasons why you should go on holiday to one of the southern European countries. Find out for yourself during a summer holiday in Southern Europe.

Summer holidays in southern Europe
Holiday homes close to home

You don't have to go far afield for a wonderful summer holiday. You can also enjoy a delightful summer holiday in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany! How about a holiday home on the Dutch coast? Or, a large holiday home in the Ardennes or a holiday home in Germany?

Are you going on holiday with the kids, but don't want to drive for too long with them? Then book a holiday home close to home. There is a lot to do in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the summer. Discover the Wadden Islands, enjoy an active holiday in the Ardennes with your children, or go on beautiful walking and cycling trips in the Eifel or Sauerland. There really is something for everyone!

Summer holidays close by
Holiday homes by the sea

A holiday home by the sea gives you the ultimate summer feeling! Relax to the sound of breaking waves, the smell of salty sea air and the feeling of sand between your toes. With a holiday home by the sea you can grab the sun lounger straight away and relax in the pleasant sunshine.

Belvilla offers a wide range of holiday homes by the sea. Whether you choose a holiday home on the Mediterranean or North Sea coast, you will always have a great time in a Belvilla! How about a week on the Belgian or Dutch coast, for example? From your holiday home by the sea you will be on the beach in no time. There are plenty of delightful beach pavilions to find, where you can relax to your heart's content. Or, would you prefer to relax on the beaches of southern Europe? Discover the hidden coves of Spain, experience the island feeling on Ibiza, take a refreshing dip in the sea from your holiday home in Italy, or go on long walks on the beaches in France. There is always plenty to do from your holiday home by the sea!

Holiday home by the sea
Holiday homes with pools

Did you know that at Belvilla we have a huge number of holiday homes with a (private) swimming pool? In warm temperatures there is nothing better than to take a refreshing dip. Likewise, after a long day of sightseeing, it's great to relax in your own swimming pool.

It can sometimes get very hot in the summer, so a (private) pool is an ideal addition to your holiday home. Just picture it: from your bed it's just a few steps to dive into the pool, during the day you can bob about in the water on your pool inflatable, and in the evening take another dip .... what's not to like? There are plenty of holiday homes with swimming pooIs in Southern Europe, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Some holiday homes even have a private swimming pool, so you can enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet. What are you waiting for?

Holiday homes with pools
Mountain cabins

You're also at the right address at Belvilla if brisk walks, challenging bike rides or refreshing dips in a mountain lake appeal to you. Enjoy a good meal, local traditions and gemütlichkeit in a cosy mountain village. Belvilla has an extensive portfolio of charming holiday homes and cosy gîtes for a summer holiday in the middle of the mountains!

Do you like being active as well as fresh mountain air? Then a mountain cabin is definitely something for you. How about a cosy chalet in Austria, for example? Walk from your holiday home to the nearby gondolas which will take you to the top. Once there, the hike can really begin. Climb to a height of over 3,000 metres to enjoy the breathtaking views and reward your climb by visiting a cosy mountain restaurant. There is much more to experience in the mountains besides hiking alone. Dive into a clear blue mountain lake, take a toboggan ride or get on a mountain bike. It is wonderful in the mountains in the summer!

Mountain cabins
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