Belvilla Quality Guarantee

Belvilla homes and services are characterised by the very highest degree of quality. Input from guests, our ever-critical eye, and the efforts of holiday homeowners and managers contribute to a continuous focus on quality.

Quality Guarantee

As a guest, you can blindly trust our accommodation descriptions

Belvilla guarantees that the accommodation descriptions and photo galleries correspond exactly to reality. Should errors or inadequacies occur, we make every effort to reasonably compensate our guests.

Classification system

Every holiday home is inspected carefully and assigned a rating of 1 to 5 stars (from simple to luxurious) based on an objective classification form.

The star rating system is based on the following:

Very simple accommodation that is especially suited for holidaymakers who enjoy outdoor holidays and are satisfied with basic comfort.

Accommodation with simple furnishings in keeping with the specific requirements and customs of the country or region. Ideal for holidaymakers whose primary interest is the holiday destination itself and who are content with a limited comfort level.

Well-tended accommodation with everyday comfort. A residence where you immediately feel at home.

Comfortable, attractive accommodation equipped with facilities that give your stay that little something extra. The location is often unique.

First-class accommodation. Spacious, extremely comfortable holiday home with luxury facilities such as a private swimming pool or sauna.

Continuous satisfaction measurement

After returning home, each guest is sent an e-mail asking them to share their experiences by completing a questionnaire. Belvilla received an average rating of a high 8 (good) in response to the question 'How would you rate your stay in the holiday home on a scale of 1 to 10?’. We post the average rating in response to this question for every holiday home on our website. This rating reflects the experiences of previous guests and helps visitors to the website decide whether or not to rent a specific holiday home.

Since the start of our satisfaction survey, tens of thousands of respondents have completed our questionnaire. This information helps us maintain the same high service level and quality of the holiday homes and to make the necessary improvements. Equally as important, the results of the questionnaires are made available to all holiday home owners.

Quality-conscious holiday homeowners and managers

Naturally the quality of a holiday home depends strongly on the level of quality awareness of the owner and/or manager. This applies to the comfort, maintenance and cleanliness level of the home as well as the hospitality provided locally. Every owner is required by contract to guarantee this quality level. To maintain this level, we communicate regularly with holiday homeowners regarding concrete aspects of quality and provide improvement suggestions. In the event of quality issues, we make clear agreements on the required improvements.


Customer-friendly website

The Belvilla website is based on a prize-winning concept. It is extremely easy to search and book on the website, as has been confirmed by the results of our satisfaction surveys.

The website provides a detailed, realistic presentation of every holiday home, complete with text and pictures. You can read about the home and surrounding area, view the exact layout and read tips from the homeowner. You can also read ratings and comments from previous guests in the digital guestbook. The site also contains an extensive photo gallery, often including video images, and shows the exact location of the home in Google Maps. This way, there are never any surprises!

The website also includes tourism and practical information, such as tips for skiing lessons, flights, car rentals, outdoor activities and restaurants. Also included are recommendations regarding insurance.

Customer Contact Center

Our Customer Contact Center is available for assistance 60 hours a week, including evening and weekend hours. We are happy to assist you by phone in your own language in making reservations, providing information on the holiday home or tourist attractions in the region, and so on.

24-hour emergency assistance service during your stay

Should problems arise during your holiday or stay, Belvilla can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a special emergency hotline, the number of which is shown on your booking documents. In most cases, this emergency hotline is available in your own language.

Consumer interest protection

Belvilla is a member of Dutch Home Shopping Association (Thuiswinkel). Our membership in this organization means that Belvilla acts in full compliance with the rules of conduct formulated by these associations.

Belvilla complaint procedure

All of the details of our complaint procedure can be found in our rental terms and conditions. We aim to resolve all complaints during your stay. The holiday homeowner or manager is your initial point of contact. If the complaint cannot be resolved on the spot with the owner/manager, you can contact Belvilla by phone. If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily at the time, you can submit your complaint in writing to Belvilla’s Customer Care Department. An official complaint form can be obtained from the owner/manager. You will be sent a confirmation of receipt after we have received your complaint.

Thuiswinkel arbitration board

If you believe that your complaint has not been handled properly by Belvilla, you can appeal to the arbitration board of the Dutch Home Shopping Association (Thuiswinkel). The decisions of this board are binding for Belvilla. Belvilla will reimburse any translation fees incurred by non-Dutch-speaking guests.

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