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Holiday Home in the Alps

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Discover the Alps in summertime

Did you know that the Alps aren't just great as a winter destination? In the summer there are plenty of holidaymakers to be found here, enjoying the surroundings. Choose a holiday home in Austria or France and go on long walks through the mountains, relax by a clear blue lake or enjoy the phenomenal views at a mountain restaurant. During your summer in the Alps you will want for nothing!

Enjoy summer in the Alps

The Alps are a vast mountain range in Europe that you absolutely have to visit. As the Alps span different countries, there is great diversity to enjoy during your holiday.

Whether you choose a holiday home in Italy, Austria, France or Switzerland, the Alps are fantastic wherever go! In wintertime, it is an excellent winter sports destination, but active holidaymakers also want for nothing here in the summer either. Belvilla has over 3500 holiday homes in the Alps. Choose a large group house, a typical Austrian chalet or a cosy apartment. The houses vary in features, facilities and number of bedrooms, and come fully equipped! There are also large group houses in the Alps where you can stay with the whole family or a group of friends. This is a great holiday destination for families with children too.Whether you prefer a luxury or modest holiday home, Belvilla has it all!

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Diversity of the Alps

A great time is to be had in the Alps in the summer, and the enormous range of holiday homes means there is something for everyone here. The Alps span an area of more than 200,000 km2 and range across eight countries: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany and Liechtenstein.

Because the Alps extend over these eight different countries, there are of course many holiday opportunities up for grabs. Genuine nature lovers will be in their element because in the summer there are plenty of Alpine meadows, clear blue lakes and brooks to be discovered. Some peaks of the Alps even reach a height of 4,000 meters or more! Can you picture yourself standing at the top? In addition to the beautiful countryside, various animal species are to be found in the Alps. Such as an Austrian marmot or a French ibex; there are plenty of opportunities to spot these animals in the wild. In addition to the beautiful flora and fauna of the Alps, there are also plenty of cities to discover, with excellent shopping facilities!

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Summer in the Alps: discover the possibilities!

During your summer holiday in the Alps, temperatures can vary enormously. Bone fide mountain hikers will probably be the first to notice this. When you reach the top of the mountain, it may be that the temperature even differs by as much as 10 degrees!

Can you imagine... whilst you're standing on top of the mountain wearing a thick cardigan and long trousers, other holidaymakers may be lying in their bikinis or swimming trunks by a lake way below you. Because the Alps range across a large difference in altitude, the temperatures here can vary enormously. It is always advisable therefore to bring something warm to wear on a mountain hike.

There is much more to experience in the Alps besides hiking alone. Such as mountain biking, cycling and mountaineering in the summer. But there are plenty of other sports to enjoy besides those. How about a canoe trip, kayaking or abseiling, the possibilities here are almost endless! Many events are also organised during the summer months, so no one in the family will get bored in the Alps! Each village and town has its own unique charm that you can enjoy during the summer.

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