Frequently asked questions about holiday in Hamoir
What are the best holiday home accommodations in Hamoir?

The best holiday home accommodations in Hamoir include Villa L'Eau Vive, La Ferme des Faisans, and Villa Andrea.


What attractions are near Hamoir?

Near Hamoir, there are attractions such as the Fondry des Chiens wolf park, the La bure les terres rouges nature reserve and hiking trails, the Parc du Pays des Collines, and the La Falize adventure park.

What activities are there to do in Hamoir?

In Hamoir, visitors can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, biking, and horseback riding. Other activities include visiting the local breweries and enjoying the many traditional restaurants and cafes.

What is the weather like in Hamoir?

The climate in Hamoir is generally mild, with warm summers and cold winters. However, snow showers can occur in the winter, and visitors can expect some rainfall throughout the year.

How far is Hamoir from Brussels?

Hamoir is approximately one hour and 30 minutes drive from Brussels by car.

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