Frequently asked questions about holiday in Pula
What is the best time of year to visit Pula, Croatia?

The best time of year to visit Pula is from late spring to early fall. The weather is mild, and there are plenty of cultural, culinary, and outdoor activities to enjoy.

What are the best attractions in Pula, Croatia?

Pula has plenty of attractions, including the ancient Roman amphitheater, the Venetian Fortress, the Archaeological Museum, and the iconic Temple of Augustus. Other attractions include the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Hill of Punta Christo, the Verudela Sea Aquarium, and the National Park of the Brijuni Islands.

What types of holiday homes are available in Pula, Croatia?

Pula offers a variety of holiday homes, including apartments, villas, and holiday homes. All come with full amenities and provide a comfortable and peaceful experience for travelers.

Are there any activities for families visiting Pula, Croatia?

Absolutely! Pula offers plenty of family-friendly activities, from visiting its museums and historic landmarks to swimming, surfing, sailing, and more. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars that offer entertainment for all ages.

What are some tips for finding good holiday homes in Pula, Croatia?

Research is key when it comes to finding good holiday homes. Read reviews and compare prices to find the best accommodation for your budget. Look for options with full amenities, as well as options close to the attractions you wish to visit.

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