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Sunbathe, relax, party, dive and shop in exotic Curaçao. Get away from it all in the hidden treasure of the Caribbean. White sandy beaches, spectacular diving locations, breathtaking nature and a culture that blends African and Antillean elements. Curaçao has it all.

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Holiday in Curaçao

The typical deep blue colour of the skies and the sea are synonymous with the island itself.

A tropical island where you feel at home

Along with Bonaire and Aruba, Curaçao is one of the leeward islands (or ABC islands) in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The island features six natural harbours, of which Willemstad is thought to be the largest of its kind. With 150,000 inhabitants, it is the most populated island in the Dutch Antilles. This destination, beloved for its climate among other things, can be reached by a direct, ten-hour flight departing from the Netherlands. You can count on one hand the number of days with no sunshine here. Between October and January, there is occasional rainfall, but the average temperature remains 31 °C all year long. By day, the trade winds provide a cooling breeze. At night, they keep temperatures pleasant at around 25 °C.

Holiday for the entire family

Families with children find all the conveniences they are used to at home when visiting Curaçao. Here you can rent a holiday home, a villa or an apartment. The local residents speak English and the atmosphere is laid back. You'll find local delicacies for sale along the roadside or at the market and the tap water is purified and perfectly safe to drink. Would you rather stick to more familiar foods? Just head to any of the large supermarkets. There you'll find a broad selection of American and European products.

Diving and snorkelling.

Most of the beaches are spread out along the well-protected southwestern coast. The water here is calm and crystal clear, a true paradise for snorkelers and divers. On the island there are no fewer than 65 locations where you can discover the most incredible natural wonders hidden right below the surface of the sea. The Mushroom Forest is especially well-known among divers. This underwater 'forest' is made up of large, mushroom-shaped coral formations. Schools of colourful fish swim all around you, putting on an unforgettable display. It's no coincidence that Curaçao was chosen by subscribers of Scuba Diving Magazine for its Reader's Choice Award. You don't even have to set foot in the water to admire all these sights. The submarine 'Seaworld Explorer' lets you experience the excitement of aquatic life at a depth of one-and-a-half metres. The unique Seaquarium on the coast near Bapor Kibra is also definitely worth a visit. The many aquariums are constantly filled with fresh seawater and the large 'petting basin' brings you closer than ever to the animals as you feed them by hand. Of course there's also safe diving among sea tortoises and sharks.

Also for an active holiday

On Curaçao you can kick back and relax on the white sandy beaches to your heart's content. But if you feel like taking a little excursion, the possibilities are endless. A visit to the Hato Caves is a must. Over millennia, natural processes formed the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and around 1,500 years ago, people of the island made cave drawings here. Animal lovers and families are sure to enjoy a visit to the sprawling Christoffel National Park. Numerous species of exotic animals live in the wild here among the gorgeous natural landscapes. See the majestic flamingos in the nature reserve near Sint Willibrodus. And if you've ever wanted to swim with the dolphins, you can make this wish come true at the Curaçao Dolphin Academy -- a truly unforgettable experience. For athletes, there is biking or mountain biking on unpaved paths, a game of golf, horseback riding in pristine nature or indoor fitness training. On the water, you can take your pick of sailing, kayaking, fishing, parasailing or jet-skiing. After a day filled with activities, treat yourself at one of the relaxing spas and wellness centres.

Willemstad: Shopping and nightlife

Willemstad is home to a charming harbour, chique boutiques, restaurants and lively bars. The capital city is a UNESCO World Heritage site by virtue of its unique atmosphere and the historical value of the colourful colonial buildings. The oldest quarter in the city, 'Punda' is in the the east and here you will find many unique little shops. In the west it is connected with the neighbourhood of Otrobanda, Papiamento by a wooden pontoon bridge (the Queen Emma Bridge). At the floating market on De Ruyterkade, little boats serve as market stands where local merchants sell their wares. Numerous gifted artists, painters, photographers, sculptors and designers also call the city home. Some of them are glad to open up their studio for you to browse. Lastly, in the shopping centre Bloempot you can find everything you need for an hour of extravagant shopping: jewellery, luxury clothes and shoes, kids' wear, lingerie, haute couture... If you work up an appetite in the meantime, then you can find sandwiches, salads and beverages.

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