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Holiday home in Funen

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Funen is Denmark's second largest island. The island is also called the garden island because of the beautiful hills and nature. There is plenty to do on Funen for the whole family. There are several beautiful beaches, beautiful castles, and you can meet the writer of the most famous fairy tales. Book a holiday home on Funen in 2019 now!

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The nicest cities in Funen

Odense is the capital of Funen, and also the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Although the name 'Hans' probably doesn't mean much to you, you'll recognize the fairy tales he wrote, like the Princess on the pea, the Little mermaid, Klaas Vaak and much more. In the town of Odense, you can visit Hans' birthplace, and there is a museum dedicated to him, the Hans Christian Andersen museum. In addition to various museums, there are also a number of nice parks in Odense that you can visit. There is a park named after the fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen's Garden, also called the fairy tale garden. You will find various works of art here by the writer, giving a fairytale atmosphere to the park. Then there is the Botanical Garden, a beautiful green park with various trees, plants and bridges. The Romantic Garden is a lovely park with rose bushes and lakes, a perfect place to picnic.

A great place to visit with the kids, is the Odense Zoo. From giraffes to penguins and tigers. In this zoo, you have the opportunity to feed some animals yourself. Besides this zoo, there are many other activities that are fun for children. In Odense there is a trampoline park, climbing hall and an open-air museum with farm animals. Our holiday homes are located in the vicinity of the sights. After an active day, you can relax in your holiday home in Denmark.

Faaborg and Svendborg are two port cities located side-by-side. In Faaborg, you can visit small-scale museums, and there are also a few beautiful churches. Along the coastline, you can make beautiful walks accross the harbour. And from your holiday home in Faaborg, you often walk right onto the beach! In the modern centre, there are several winding, narrow streets with nice shops and cosy terraces where you can dine in the evening. In Svendborg, you can easily go by boat to Hjortø, Skarø, Drejø and Ærø. You can also enjoy kayaking and surfing along the coast of Svendborg. A few kilometres from the centre is Naturama, where you can follow a museum tour through the natural history of Denmark. In the city of Nyborg, you will find a water park and the possibility to rent a bike.

Fairytale Funen

Castle Egeskov is a nice sight where you can walk around with the children all day long. This beautiful castle has a large outdoor playground where the children can play. For example, there are climbing equipment, wobble bridges and old-fashioned fun games such as rope pulling and walking on stilts. Around the castle, there are several picnic areas where you can enjoy your sandwiches. At the Oldtimer Museum, also located in the park, you can admire various vehicles, from airplanes, to bicycles and fire engines. All true classics. Half of the castle itself is inhabited by a family, and the other half is open to the public. In the castle, 66 rooms can be admired, each room still decorated in the style of the past with old furniture and paintings. When you walk out of the castle, you will enter the castle gardens with various flowers and plants.

A day at the beach

As Funen is an island, there are beaches on all sides. The following beaches are very nice for a day at the beach with the children: Fuglsang Beach, Tørresø beach, Flyvesandet Beach and Hasmark Beach. These are all sandy beaches with a calm sea and shallow water. Some of these beaches also offer water sports facilities. In addition to these tourist spots, there are also beaches that are more remote. Like Enebærodde, a bit hidden in the woods. Æbelø is an abandoned island near Funen with a beautiful nature, where you can spot various wild animals. If you are in a sporty mood, you can walk to this island accross the waterbeds. It is also possible to take the boat to this island. After a wonderful day at the beach, you can easily settle down in your holiday home in Denmark. In some holiday homes, you can take a dip in your pool or relax in the wellness area. Book a holiday on the beautiful island of Funen now!  

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Holiday in Funen - FAQs

What are the most important places to visit in Funen?

Some of the best places to visit are the island of Aebelo, Arkaden Food Market, Avernako, the Danish Railway Museum, Dinos Legeland, Egeskov Castle, Den Fynske Landsby, and Langelandsfortet.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Funen?
Funen has several historical sights, landmarks, and quaint museums that should not be missed. The Odense Zoo is a great place for a fun day with the family.
What are the recommended dishes in Funen?
Funen has some of the finest breweries around that are worth a visit. Travellers should also try the Brunsviger (cake), Rygeost (smoked cheese), local chocolates, and wine.
When is the ideal time to visit Funen?
May to June and September to October are the best months to visit.


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