Frequently asked questions about holiday in Honfleur
What attractions can I visit when staying in Honfleur?

When staying in Honfleur, you can visit the harbour, the Vieux Bassin, the Cote de Grâce, the Church of St. Catherine, and the Fine Arts Museum, among other attractions.

Is there public transport available in the area?

Yes, Honfleur has an extensive public transport network, with buses and seasonal ferry services running throughout the area.

What kinds of outdoor activities can I do in Honfleur?

Honfleur offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as walking and cycling along the docks and beaches, kayaking, sailing, birdwatching, fishing, and golf.

Are there any nearby restaurants or cafes?

Yes, Honfleur has a wide selection of local restaurants and cafes, offering both traditional French cuisine and international dishes.

Are there any holiday homes available in the city?

Yes, there are many holiday homes available in Honfleur, ranging from traditional cottages to modern apartments.

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