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Holiday Homes in Nice, France

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Holiday Homes in Nice

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Getaway in Nice with Holiday Homes!

The beautiful city of Nice is one of the most vibrant cities in France and is a perfect destination for a holiday. The city is perched upon the Cote d'Azur and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea and the French Riviera. The city is filled with stunning architecture, gorgeous beaches, spectacular scenery and fun activities.

For those who need a holiday home in Nice, there are many options available, ranging from luxury villas to simpler apartments. The city is renowned for its excellent food and wine, as well as its fantastic nightlife. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs to choose from, making it a great choice for a fun-filled holiday. For those seeking a more low-key holiday, Nice has many outdoor activities to enjoy. The Promenade des Anglais is a beautiful walkway which borders the Mediterranean Sea, and the streets of Nice are lined with lovely café, restaurants, and shops. Visitors can also explore the city's many parks and gardens, or visit the nearby mountains for stunning views.

Nice is a city of wonders and offers something for everyone, no matter what kind of holiday experience you are seeking. With its enchanting atmosphere and delightful attractions, it is no wonder why holidaymakers love to visit Nice!

Explore Nice, France: From Parc Phoenix to Musée Matisse and the Promenade des Anglais

  • Promenade des Anglais: The Promenade des Anglais is one of the most iconic attractions in Nice, France. This seven-kilometre-long promenade runs alongside the Mediterranean Sea, allowing visitors to take in the stunning views of the turquoise blue waters and the Mediterranean coastline. This is the ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, or for a romantic evening stroll along the boardwalk. With its breathtaking views, it is a great place to take photos and admire the beauty of France's stunning landscape.
  • Musée Matisse: The Musée Matisse is a stunning art museum in Nice, France. This museum features the works of the famous artist Henri Matisse and showcases a wide range of his paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Visitors can explore the different areas of the museum to discover the diversity of Matisse's work and the evolution of his style. Not only can you admire the artwork, but you can also explore the museum's outdoor garden, which features several sculptures and fountains.
  • Parc Phoenix: Parc Phoenix is a public park in Nice, France. This sprawling park of 35 acres contains a variety of gardens, water features and botanical displays. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the park and experience the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Within the park, there is also a large greenhouse which is home to some of the world's rarest plants and flowers. The park also features a playground, an aviary and a zoo, making it an ideal spot for visitors of all ages to explore, relax and take in the beauty of Nice's stunning surroundings.

Explore the Sporting Paradise of Nice, France!

France is home to one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Nice. It is located on the country’s Mediterranean coast and is a true paradise for sports lovers. This city is a playground for athletes, from running and mountain biking along the breathtaking coastline to water sports on crystal-clear waters. With mild winter temperatures, Nice is the perfect year-round destination to enjoy a wide range of sports.

In the summer months, the city’s sunny beaches provide the perfect spot for a swim or snorkeling session. For those who want to be a bit more active, there are countless opportunities to kayak, windsurf, and even parasail. For adrenaline junkies, Nice also offers paragliding, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding. The city is full of scenic routes for runners and cyclists. The Promenade des Anglais along the coastline is a popular destination, with breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. To the north, the foothills of the Alps offer many trails for mountain biking. Whether you are searching for a leisurely activity or an extreme sport, Nice has something for every sports enthusiast.

Get your Sun-soaked Fun and Culture Fix in Nice, France!

Families or friends who want a unique holiday destination should look no further than Nice, France. Located in the French Riviera, this vibrant city boasts stunning sandy beaches, quaint seaside towns and a rich cultural heritage. Whether you are taking a romantic getaway or planning an adventure with the family, Nice offers something for everyone!

Start your adventure with a stay at one of the numerous holiday homes in Nice that offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only will you be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in your holiday cottage, but also gain access to amenities like heated swimming pools that come as part of most holiday homes. A trip to Nice is also an opportunity to explore some of Europe’s best museums, galleries and churches. There are plenty of attractions to entertain guests throughout their stay."

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Frequently asked questions about holiday in Nice

What is the best time to visit Nice for a holiday?

The best time to visit Nice for a holiday is in the summer months from June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny.

What type of accommodation is available in Nice?

There are a variety of accommodation options available in Nice, including hotels, apartments, villas and holiday homes.

What attractions are nearby Nice?

Nearby attractions in Nice include the Promenade des Anglais, the old port of Nice, and the historic old town, as well as beautiful beaches.

What activities can be done while on holiday in Nice?

There are plenty of activities to do while on holiday in Nice, such as sightseeing, beach activities, shopping, wineries, and more.

Is Nice safe to travel to?

Yes, Nice is generally a safe place to travel to, as long as basic safety precautions are taken.


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