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Holiday home in the High Fens

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High Fens

Surrounded by the Ardennes and the Eifel, your holiday home in the High Fens will look stunning! Here, close to home, you're in a whole other world. A holiday in the High Fens is overflowing with beautiful natural landscapes. The High Fens region comes under the province of Liège and can call itself the highest part of Belgium. With extensive peat deposits, heaths, grasslands, meadows, rivers and many forests, the region is bursting with stunning views and natural beauty. With fascinating towns like Stavelot, Malmedy and Monschau just around the corner, your holiday in the High Fens is bound to be a winner. Our holiday homes are in peaceful locations and are the perfect starting point for hiking, cycling, mountain biking or motorcycling. Go for a charming chalet in a rural setting, a Victorian house or a detached gîte. Pets are also welcome at more than half of our holiday homes!

Explore nature in the High Fens

A holiday home in the High Fens is the ideal starting point for nature walks. In this nature reserve in the province of Liège, you can find the Signal de Botrange, no less than 694 metres high. This region is one of the most valuable nature reserves in Belgium and therefore has extra high protection status. The landscapes alternate with one another. From lush valleys to marshy plateaus, from vast forests to wide-open heathlands. With the impressive landscapes come unique flora and fauna. While on holiday in the High Fens you will come across distinctive heather and peat plants such as shrub heather, ericas, peat moss, cottonsedge and sundew. There is a good chance that you will come face to face with unusual animals such as lynx, red deer, wild boar and grouse while hiking. If you're staying in a chalet or quaint house for larger groups in the High Fens in winter, then you can create fabulous pictures here in the snow!

Go active in the High Fens

Make the most of the natural beauty while on holiday in the High Fens! There's a good reason why the High Fens is a hikers' paradise. Numerous hiking trails have been laid out around the area. Whether tarmac or typical wooden decking paths, you will go past some of the most beautiful spots. The stunning views will be absolutely amazing! In winter, you can go cross-country skiing for hours from your holiday home in the High Fens. The Bütgenbach lake comes highly recommended in summer. The many swimming, fishing, sailing and surfing opportunities make this the perfect destination for an unforgettable day on the water for the whole family. In short, a holiday home in the High Fens is the perfect starting point for a sporty day out.

Ideas for when on holiday in the High Fens

Sample the culture from your holiday home in the High Fens. Wander, for example, along picturesque alleys and across Saint-Remacle Square in Stavelot. A huge attraction in this city is Stavelot abbey, housing no fewer than three museums. Are you looking to relax while on holiday in the High Fens? Then visit the spa town of Spa. Wonderful thermal baths pamper your skin here. For stunning, panoramic views you could visit the castle ruins of Franchimont. This fascinating edifice is located right at the top of the hill in this town. Don't forget to visit the Coo waterfalls, where the Amblève drops by about 13 metres. A spectacular sight, especially in rainy weather, these waterfalls are definitely worth a visit! You can go kayaking and mountain biking here in good weather. Malmedy is also a fascinating city to visit, with highlights such as the cathedral, monastery and museums. In the town of Ovifat, on the banks of the river Warche, lies the impressive Reinhardstein castle. Close to this, the highest castle in Belgium, the Reinhardstein waterfall plunges into the Warche. At 60 metres, this is the biggest waterfall in Belgium. Explore the beautiful landscape in this region from your holiday home in the High Fens!

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Holiday in the High Fens - FAQs

How many Belvilla houses can I choose from in the High Fens?

There are 200+ Belvilla houses in the High Fens.


What are the most important places to visit in the High Fens?

Some of the important places to visit in the High Fens are Baraque Michel, Signal de Botrange, Baltia Hill, and High Fens Natural Reserve.

Any activity that I must include during my stay in the High Fens?

Some of the must-do activities in the High Fens are:

  • Visiting National Parks and Reserves
  • Exploring town
  • Taking a Historical City Tour
  • Trekking
What are the recommended dishes in the High Fens?

Some of the recommended dishes in the High Fens are Wiener Schnitzel, Goulash, Sachertorte, Apple Strudel, and Tafelspitz.

When is the ideal time to visit the High Fens?

The months of April and May are the best time to visit the High Fens.


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