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The versatility of the Ardennes

A holiday park in the Ardennes is often situated in a quiet area. You will also find many activities for young and old. Take on every challenge with both hands and climb and clamber through the beautiful nature. Would you like to take it easy? There are plenty of beautiful walks to find that show you a completely different side of the Ardennes. Stay in a fully-equipped chalet, or take advantage of the luxury in your villa with private pool.  

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The untouched nature of the Ardennes

The Ardennes, with its beautiful nature and cultural villages, is a beautiful holiday destination in Belgium. The many activities ensure you do not have to sit still, but the area also brings some peace. Go out together or relax in a spa.

The Ardennes is known for its beautiful nature and mountainous surroundings. It is a perfect holiday destination for active individuals. Challenging, multi-day survival routes, hiking trails, mountain bike rides and many other activities ensure that there is always something to do in the Ardennes for you and your family. Even if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, the Ardennes is ideal. You can enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful views in your holiday home on a lake. Take a long walk with the dog, or play a game of golf near your holiday home. Besides nature, the Ardennes also has a beautiful piece of culture to offer. One of the cities where you can explore this is Liège, the largest city in the Ardennes. The old town has a beautiful central square and there are plenty of museums and other attractions to be found. Although Liège is the largest city in the Ardennes, Namur is the capital. There is a city walk through Namur that takes you back in time. It's a nice way to explore the area. You will then pass by the medieval buildings and beautiful churches that the city has to offer. Even the smallest city in the world, Durbuy, is located in the Ardennes, and has kept its medieval charms well. The cosiness of the Ardennes can be found in the tourist town of La Roche en Ardennen. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the great shops and Belgian cafes of the small centre.  

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The cosiness of a holiday park in the Ardennes

A holiday park in the Ardennes is often located in a quiet area and therefore ideal for a few days of relaxing. You can make use of the various facilities at the park. Stay in a luxurious bungalow or a great holiday home to relax.

The holiday parks in the Ardennes are equipped with all kinds of facilities. In the centre of the park you will find a restaurant, snack bar, playground and a shop for your groceries. This way you don't have to leave the park if you need anything. Most holiday parks offer peace and quiet so that you can quietly enjoy the beautiful views. There are often holiday parks along the water where you can swim in the summer. Children can let themselves go in the playground and at the park Wi-Fi is often available so they do not get bored. When the weather is nice, you can barbecue on your own private terrace and enjoy the sun. Even when the weather is not so good, a holiday home at a park is ideal. During the cold days you can use the indoor pool in the park or sit by the fireplace in your holiday home. The Belvilla holiday homes are fully equipped. Thanks to the wide range there is always a house that suits you. You can opt for a great house with a bedroom and a luxurious bathroom for the two of you. If you are looking for a stay for a large group, you can opt for a large, but comfortably furnished holiday home. These houses often have several rooms so there is enough space for everyone and no one gets in each other's way. If you really want to relax in your holiday home, choose a luxury bungalow with a sauna or private heated pool. 

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Combination of peace and quiet and action in the Ardennes

From your holiday park in the Ardennes you can take great day trips and explore villages. For active people there are plenty of activities to do, but also if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, this is a perfect holiday destination.

From your luxury bungalow in the Ardennes there are a lot of possibilities to get away from it all. You can perfectly combine the days when you are exploring the surroundings with the peace and quiet. There are many routes through the Ardennes that are very nice for walking or cycling. Rahier is one of the places where several walking routes have been mapped out. Explore the beautiful nature and great villages of the Ardennes. During a walk it is lovely to take a look at the waterfalls of Coo or to admire the citadel at the top of the mountain at Dinant. The multi-day survival routes that run through the area bring some more adrenaline. It is an adventurous survival trip on the rivers and landscapes of the Ardennes and fun to do with both large and small groups. For those who love sports, they can do rafting, kayaking and mountain biking. If you want to slow down, it's fun to go for a walk through the Remouchamps caves with your family or friends. Here you will discover the underground world of the Belgian region and be taken back by boat. Also visit one of the beautiful places in the Ardennes, such as Redu, Soiron or Chiny. Each town is authentic, so there is a lot of variation to be found. In the village of Spa you will find many water sources and wellness pools where you can relax. This water city has been connected for centuries with the wells that are often used. A great opportunity to relax for a while and be able to go back to it the next day.

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