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There is so much to see, taste and admire in Brabant! From your holiday park you can explore the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh at your leisure. You can also take a quick trip to Belgium. It's just around the corner! But that's not really necessary at all. Whether you want to hike, breathe in culture, visit a fairytale forest, enjoy culinary delights or party, everything is possible in Brabant! It's not for nothing that singer Guus Meeuwis dedicated an entire song to it. And then the nature reserves... beautiful!

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Nature parks

Are the nature parks in Brabant the most beautiful in the Netherlands? That's still up for discussion. The fact is that as a nature lover, you can really get your heart's content here. Many of the holiday parks in Brabant can also be found in a nature reserve.

In addition to the bustling cities, the nature of Brabant is also definitely worth a visit. You will find different nature reserves here, each with its own particularities and activities. So it's all about versatility. And a paradise for nature lovers, active people and families with children. A few areas we would like to introduce you to are De Kempen, National Park Loonse en Drunense Duinen and National Park De Groote Peel. The Kempen is located in Brabant and extends across the Belgian border. It is a beautiful nature reserve where you can of course walk and cycle. There are special bike paths and routes marked out. But it is also a Valhalla for horsemen because they are welcome on almost all sandy paths. There are also special areas where dogs are allowed to run around freely so you can take them with you to your bungalow in Noord-Brabant where pets are allowed. National Park Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a different story. When you walk around here you think you are in a completely different country. Because of the dry sand drifts and open plains it is also called the "Brabant Sahara". In the drifting sand area you can search for the tracks of animals such as badgers, foxes and roe deer. Activities are regularly organised in this area that are fun for the whole family. For example, a workshop looking for (and preparing) mushrooms, a walk after sunset or a nature experience. Ideal excursions from your holiday park in Noord-Brabant. The National Park De Groote Peel is located on the border of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. The 15 km2 marshy landscape is known for its flora and fauna. It is a quiet area with a humid character. Because of this there are many (rare) birds to admire. In fact, it is one of the most bird-rich areas in western Europe. You can also enjoy the special plant growth of often rare species. 

Holiday parks in Brabant
Life is good at a holiday park in the Brabant countryside

Why exactly stay at a holiday park? The reasons are numerous. Most holiday parks in Brabant have facilities for young and old. For example, an (indoor) swimming pool, playgrounds, restaurants and in some parks even a sauna!

The holiday parks in Noord-Brabant are an ideal destination for all target groups. Children will have a great time in the pool, while nature lovers will be able to enjoy themselves on walks and bike rides. A big advantage if you travel with children is that they can easily connect with other children at a bungalow park in Brabant. And it's a cliché, but if the kids are having a good time, so are the parents. Belvilla offers several houses at holiday parks in Brabant. And you have plenty of choice! Are you looking for an attractive chalet with a sauna, a quiet farmhouse in the woods, a luxury villa or a real gypsy wagon? It is also interesting for larger groups to look at holiday parks in Brabant. This is possible in one large accommodation, but you can also choose for several cottages together. Most holiday parks are located in or close to nature. That means nice long walks through the woods, beautiful bike rides over heathlands. There are plenty of routes in Brabant to keep you entertained. Ideal, isn't it, if you can just do that from your holiday park? And then at the end of the day you'll be happy to come home and sit on the luxurious couch in your own bungalow. That's enjoyment!

Burgundian Brabant

Brabant is known for its 'soft G', but some of the Netherlands' biggest sights and events can be visited here. Your holiday at a holiday park in Brabant will be a succession of highlights!

Let's start with the Efteling. This amusement park with the famous designs of Anton Pieck you must have visited of course! Firstly, because of the beautiful fairytale forest where little ones will have great memories, but also the bloodcurdling roller coasters such as the 'Baron' and the historic Python. Whatever holiday park in Brabant you are staying at, you will be there in no time! In the cities of Brabant you can enjoy fantastic shopping and culinary delights, as can be seen from the number of starred restaurants to be found there. The Korte Putstraat in Den Bosch is characterised by the number of restaurants in one street. So you can enjoy the food and then relax in your cottage at the holiday park. If you say Eindhoven, you say Philips. It is not without reason that this city's nickname is 'The City of Light'. This world-famous brand has been based in Eindhoven for 125 years. That has put itself on the international map with the Design Week and the Glow festival anyway. Would you like to spend a day moving among the wild animals? This is also possible in Brabant! In the Beekse Bergen you can decide for yourself how you will do it. On foot, by bus or by car. Really an experience, both for adults and children alike. You read it, if you are staying in a bungalow at a holiday park in Brabant you can go all the way!

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